A big add-on for Football, Tactics & Glory is in development

Feb 12, 2020 | 0 comments

Today, we want officially announce that we are working on a big paid add-on for FTG which will be released around summer-autumn 2020.

The players who played 50 and more hours, know that at some point you stop feeling the game world. Because despite you have played 20-30 seasons, there isn’t a possibility to see how your or other clubs contributed to the game world, who was a champion of various tournaments, what footballers left the mark on the football world etc. But the game world is living – matches are played in all the countries, players earn XP, clubs earn money. However, you can’s see that.

Therefore, we decided to create an add-on which will give you just that – the possibility to plunge in the sea of statistics.

Another huge improvement will be the new mode which will allow you as a coach to be hired by other clubs. Each season or two, the club management will set a task for you.
Successful completion of the task will improve your rating, which will allow more famous clubs to draw attention to you. And if you do not complete the task, you may be fired, and your rating will drop.

In addition, there will be other improvements that correct the balance of the game and add new features.

In the spring, we plan to open early access to the add-on. Those players who want to be the first to test the new features will be able to buy the add-on and try them out. But this will be an incomplete version which still will be in the development process.

Once every two weeks, we will talk in more detail about the features that will appear in the add-on. So stay tuned here on Steam, or on any of our news feeds: 

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