A new huge expansion to Football, Tactics & Glory is announced!

May 27, 2021 | 0 comments

For the past six months, we have been working hard on a huge new expansion that would reveal new facets of Football, Tactics & Glory.

Today we are ready to tell you about the main features that will appear in this expansion.

Three main features

So here are the three big new features we’ve been asked most:

  • Ability to move from club to club;
  • World Cup and Continental national tournaments;
  • You will be able to be hired as the main coach of a national team.
It’s a screen that shows your personal career through all the clubs you were a coach in.


A new resource will be introduced: Reputation. To be invited to a more prestigious club or even to the national team, you need to accumulate a large amount of it.

It is earned when you complete the club’s tasks. But if you fail the task, you will lose Reputation and may be fired.

You can see the management’s mood on this screen. Also, the screen shows what the management expects of you this season.

Different ways of playing

For those players who want to play the game ‘the old way’ with the same club, but still get all the new mechanics, a special level of management’s difficulty will be introduced: ‘Friendly’. In this mode, you will receive tasks and earn Reputation, but you will not be fired until you decide to leave the club yourself.

There will also be other management’s difficulty levels: from very strict to loyal.

There, you can choose a management’s difficulty. Also, you can get a lot of Reputation and get invitations from the top clubs right from the start. But it will disable achievements.

Worldwide Journey

So far, in the working version, you can only go to the clubs of your country. But we are planning to start simulating the whole world. Therefore, you will receive offers from different countries. Moreover, the rating of the countries will be taken into account. I.e. even if you have enough Reputation to lead the top club in Ukraine, it may not be enough to be invited to the top club in Spain.

Before the campaign starts, you can limit the number of countries that will be simulated and from which invitations will come. This will make the simulation of the world to be faster.

There, three England clubs invite me to be their coach. You can see that they have different ambitions and therefore, give different rewards for their tasks.

Final notes

We have already done a tremendous amount of work. After all, in order for these changes to be possible, we had to redo the internal structure of the game, as well as rework the collection of statistics. But in the already working dev version of the game, the ability to complete the tasks of the clubs, earn Reputation, be fired, etc. create many new interesting unique stories.

Also, there will be other features and improvements, which we will talk about later.

As the internal structure of the game changes, you will have to start a new campaign. But it seems to me that this will be a new unique adventure that will be exciting to live.

The expansion is scheduled for release this fall.

In order to play this expansion, you will need to purchase the base game + Football Stars.


Add the game to the Wishlist so you will not miss the launch!

Write in the comments what do you think

We are very interested to hear your opinion on this expansion. Please write in the comments if you were waiting for these new features. What do you think of the Reputation mechanic?

We are also interested to know if you find it interesting when the management might fire you. Or would you prefer to decide when to leave the club by yourself?

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