Beta 11 update – Team Photo

Mar 17, 2018 | 0 comments


Open the “Club” tab. Here you’ll find the “Photo” button.

On this screen, you will see all your footballers. The longer a player is in the club, the closer he is to the centre.

Hower on a footballer to see his name and class at the top of the screen. Also, you can enable/disable the names directly on the photo.

You might want to share the photo of your team with your friends or just save it for yourself. Usually, we make screenshots. The drawback is that the screenshot will keep the UI elements.

So we decided to give you the possibility to save only the photo without UI elements. When you click “Save”, the system will open the saving dialogue. Moreover, we made the new file’s name to consist of the current campaign’s date and the club’s name. So if you make the photos once in a month/year, every photo will have a unique name. It will allow you to sort them in a chronological order.



We know that only a few players read the Footballpedia. As a result, only a few players understand why in some situations the attributes are increased or decreased.

To make it easier for you to understand the active effects we created a special panel with the detailed breakdown of every effect.

When pressing Ctrl button on a keyboard hower the mouse cursor over a footballer. The panel will appear.

Currently, we implemented the description of only basic effects (weather, fatigue, pressing, etc). In the next update, we will add more complicated effects.


We still have few weeks to the release of the big Update 11. So we decided to experiment with the new layout of the formation zones.

Now, instead of the central midfield tile, you will be able to place a footballer on the opponent’s centre tile.

It can give you new tactical possibilities. But it can also make the game easier.

IMPORTANT!!! Before the match, move out your CM from central position!

So we need your feedback to understand if this feature makes the game better or not. Write, please, your comments in the special thread on the forum.



  • Fixed wrong tabs behaviour on the “Club” screen
  • Increased the Passing and Accuracy after Nutmeg (from 20 to 30%)
  • Now, the AI teams start the campaign with more footballers
  • Improved the algorithm of generating the new footballers in the teams. Now, there won’t be too many goalkeepers
  • The 5-stars teams will develop a bit better
  • Decreased the speed of earning the new levels.It will be noticeable only after 50th level.
  • Improved the rendering of the celebration scenes. Now, the footballers look more realistic.
  • Changes some names in Ukraine, because they were changed irl (Dnipropetrovsk >,> Dnipro etc)
  • Some changes and improvements in English
    – changed Fame to Glory
    – changed the text of the letter which is received before the final cup match
    – changed the texts after the fits half and at the end of the match
  • Fixed many mistakes in the Italian localization
  • Fixed different small bugs