Beta 11 update

Feb 15, 2018 | 0 comments

Our goal for the Update 11 is to give you the possibility to “feel” your team, your opponents and the game world in general. In the first place, we do it by adding the statistics and global transfers. But animations also play a big role.

In this Beta update we, finally, add the possibility to see our footballers in the action.


What’s new in the beta


  • Now, the statistics after the matches show significant match events
  • Added the corners to the after match statistics
  • Hower the jersey in the after match statistics to highlight the corresponding event
  • Now, the top-10 list is not limited to the first 20 entries


  • Now you will see the celebration of your footballers closely after you score a goal
  • All happy/sad animations after a goal are changed. Now, every footballer is happy/sad with a unique animation. Moreover, some footballers might play connected animations (for example, hugs or support).
  • We equalized all animation speeds in the match, making most of the animations play faster. Now, headers are more noticeable.
  • As animations became faster, we left only two options: 1x and 2x (which are similar to the previous 1,5x and 3x)
  • Added more beautiful animations for different actions:
    – In some cases, the headers will look like diving into the penalty zone
    – Now, tackles look more realistic
    – The quality of the moving animations is improved


  • Added new country – Estonia
  • Added a substitutions button on the celebration animation. So you will have more time to substitute your footballers after a goal.
  • Fixed the problem which led to the generating the goalkeepers more than other classes in the youth academies of other clubs
  • Improved the render of the hairs. Now they do not look like a piece of plastic.