Beta Update 2 is available

Oct 26, 2018 | 0 comments

We continue working on the Autumn update. Its main goal is to make our modifications support significantly better. It is very powerful even now. But new features and usability improvements will give you much more possibilities.

You can see what’s already done by changing the branch to Beta. We are updating the branch once per 2 weeks.

Today we have launched the new Beta update.




– now, you can copy/paste the whole teams;
– now, you can generate the teams with a set power;
– in the single-player campaign, we added the descriptions of what happens when the ball is spinning.



  • Added the possibility to copy/paste the whole teams. Now, you can copy a team from some modification, and paste it to another modification.
  • Now, you can see the power of the teams in the League Editor.
  • Now, you can see the power of the teams in the Team Editor.
  • Added a new tab where you can generate the team of set power. IMPORTANT! The changed power can be experienced only in the Sandbox mode.
  • When you are editing any characteristics, you can press TAB to jump to the next characteristics. It allows for significantly faster editing.
  • The first click on any characteristics selects the text of this characteristics. Therefore, the following typing of any character clears the previous text. It allows you to edit the characteristics faster. Because earlier, you had to delete the old data first, and only then – add new data.



  • When FTG makes any calculations players see a spinning ball. We added the textual explanations of what happens at these moments. So now, you will know what the game is doing.
  • In the slot of the last played campaign, we added an Info button.



  • Fixed the font problem in with some characters in the Romanian names.
  • Aggressive tackle didn’t increase the Tackles counter. Fixed.
  • In a very rare situation, when a footballer scores a header after intercepting the opponent’s lofted pass, the game counts it as a Header. It used to be just a goal.
  • Fixed the crash which happened after editing the birth date in the already published modification.



If you have a feedback, comments or problems regarding the Beta, if you like or dislike something you can write about it in the forum: https://steamcommunity.com/app/375530/discussions/

Also, you can discuss the Beta in our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/JeFSG4s

If you create a unique modification with the new features, don’t hesitate to write about it. If there will be 3-4 such modifications, I’ll mention them in our news.

Is there something in this update you were waiting for?