Beta Update #5

Jan 10, 2019 | 0 comments

If you love to edit the game so it fits your tastes, if you love to create your own leagues, you will love this update. Because it adds great improvements to our Leagues editor.



To the huge amount of currently existing features we add the following new possibilities:
  • The possibility to change the number of leagues from 1 to 5.
  • The possibility to change the number of teams in every league.
  • The possibility to set the face types for every country.

Also, we made the following less noticeable improvements:

  • Added generators of the faces of different nationalities in the Faces editor.
  • Added the buttons for a random haircut/beard in the Faces editor.
  • Added the new Greek names.
  • Added the possibility to see the modification’s tags directly in the game.
  • Fixed the problem with the modification’s flag. Now, it won’t skew.
  • Added three new countries: Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand.
  • Changed the UI sounds (temporarily).



Now, you can make any league much more similar to the real one.

For example, in English Premier League there are 20 teams but in Championship, there are 24 ones. You can easily recreate these leagues in the updated Leagues editor.

Moreover, if you want to keep only these two leagues in England, you can delete the bottom 3 leagues.

The trash icon (which allows you to delete a league) is shown only on the lowest league. It’s important because the connection between leagues should be kept. You can delete all the lowest leagues up to the Premier League. Also, you can add leagues until there are five ones.

In addition to realistic leagues, you can also experiment with other formats, creating your own fantasy leagues. For example, you can create a country with three leagues each of which consists of 10 teams.

Or, for example, there’s another way of using the new possibilities:

  • take the countries from America and change every country to the regions of your own country. Here’s what I’d make for Germany:
  • instead of Brazil you can create Bavaria; instead of Canada you can create Branderburg, instead of Mexico – Bremen, instead of USA – Hesse etc.
  • in every region you can leave only Premier league which consists of 10-12 biggest cities from the region.
  • best teams will play in the “continental cups” which you already can rename to Germany cup.

You already have the possibility to upload the unique flag for every region, you already have the possibility to upload the list with the surnames which fit every region, you already can set the power for the teams.

In this way, you can create your own unique world which is interesting to watch for. Once you finished creating the leagues, start a new campaign with these leagues and start playing. The world will live, the clubs will develop. 

It’s something no other game provides.



Despite there are wide editing possibilities, there has always been one limitation which didn’t allow you to customize the game completely to your liking.

In my previous example, this limitation would not allow me to create the German leagues. Because, in Bavaria, there would be Brasilian faces, in Bremen – Mexican faces etc.

So, there appears our second big features of the new update – the possibility to customize faces for every country individually.

There are many presets already, therefore, you will have what to choose from.

However, let the names of the presets not limit you. For example, faces from the preset ‘Britain’ can be used in any other country, because the world is wide and diverse.

Usually, the best way to set the faces is to use many different presets. However, every preset should have its own probability.

Try, experiment!

Can’t wait to see what interesting leagues you can create with the new tools.



Click on Football, Tactics & Glory in your Steam library with the right mouse button. Select “Properties”. In the appeared window open the last tab and select “beta – winter update”.



The access to the Beta is opened for everyone who owns the game.

While default version is polished and without known bugs, the Beta has new features but there might be bugs, crashes, bad or absent translations, other issues. We try our best to keep Beta as polished as possible, but it’s Beta after all.

By the links, you can find the features which were added to the Beta:

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