Beta Update #8 – New colours and shirts

Apr 12, 2019 | 0 comments

We continue adding new content to our huge free update which currently is in Beta stage. Its goal is to significantly improve the editing possibilities.

For a long time, modders asked us to add new colours and new types of shirts. We’ve heard you 😉 In the last Beta update, we’ve increased the number of colours from 10 to 100, and the number of shirts from 30 to 82.



  • Increased the number of shirts from 30 to 82. We tried to implement the most used shirt images so you’d be able to recreate your favourite clubs. Few old shirt images were changed to make them fit organically to the new ones.
  • Increased the number of colours from 10 to 100. Now, every colour has 10 shades.



  • [NEW] – Added a new screen which allows changing some game world settings before the start of a new campaign. There, you will be able to change the rating of the countries, rename tournaments and change the starting year.
  • [NEW] – Added a new tab to the Rename Tournaments screen. There you will be able to change the names of the tabs “Leagues”, “Cups”, “Continental Cups”, “Countries”. It might be useful for those players who create special sets of modifications where instead of Countries you use regions, lands, states etc.
  • [Improved] – Added the button “Rename Tournaments” on the main modification screen.
  • [Improved] – Significantly improved the Faces Generator. Now, there will be more diverse faces (fewer chances of having too similar faces). Some faces in the already started campaigns might change. 
  • [Fixed] – If you changed the starting year, some messages showed the wrong year.
  • [Fixed] – In some cases, when you changed the power of the teams, at the start of a new campaign the power was wrong.


  • [NEW] – В результатах совместной игры добавили статистику по лучшим футболистам.
  • [Fixed] – Removed the hot seat message which mistakenly was shown in the single-player campaign when you switched between default and tactical views.
  • [Fixed] – In some cases, the penalty conditions worked wrongly in the hot seat mode.
  • [Fixed] – In some cases, in hot seat mode, the logotypes of the chosen teams were displayed wrongly.


  • [Improved] – At the end of a season, you will see the stage you reached in the cup (win, finals) instead of fake place (1st place, 2nd place).
  • [Improved] – The goalkeeper model is made less “fat”.
  • [Improved] – Improved the heavy rain effect when the camera is zoomed.
  • [Improved] – Removed rewarding sounds, which were played when you opened Specialization screen to upgrade a footballer. They were annoying.
  • [Fixed] – After goals scored from free kicks, the celebration animations didn’t start.
  • [Fixed] – Removed the demonstration of the yellow cards earned in the previous matches.
  • [Fixed] – Team photo was saving with the wrong aspect ration.





Click on Football, Tactics & Glory in your Steam library with the right mouse button. Select “Properties”. In the appeared window open the last tab and select “beta – winter update”.



The access to the Beta is opened for everyone who owns the game.

While default version is polished and without known bugs, the Beta has new features but there might be bugs, crashes, bad or absent translations, other issues. We try our best to keep Beta as polished as possible, but it’s Beta after all.

By the links, you can find the features which were added to the Beta:

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