Collections of the modifications

Sep 15, 2017 | 0 comments

We can’t wait to show you the next huge update. But we won’t do it until it’s polished.

Meanwhile, I want to tell you about modifications.

Steam Workshop allows creating mod collections. If you want to remember all mods you like or select the mods by some criteria, you can create a new collection and save there all needed mods.

Just go to the Collections screen and press “Create Collection”.
Press the button “Add to Collection” under any mod you like.

However, collections not only help you to save the mods you like. They have one important feature – you can share your collections.

One of our players, @Nexxus Drako, shared his wonderful collection which contains the best mods of every country allowed in Football Tactics: World Leagues Complete.

The mods contain real club names, real club emblems, real kits.

Subscribe to every of these mods. start a new campaign and enable the mods into the game. After that, you will be able to play with real teams. And when you reach continental cups, you will meet the real teams from other countries.

To subscribe to the mod, press the green plus.
To enable the mod in the game, at the start of a new campaign select the modification instead of the default league. The default leagues are marked with white color, and the modifications are marked with green color.
You can also click the button “Assign to all”. After that, the game will select a modification for every league there is a mod subscribed.

Play, have fun and don’t forget to write a Steam review. Because it allows our game to be more visible on Steam. And the more players purchase the game, the more possibilities we have to continue improving it.