DEV NEWS – Specialization of the footballers

May 5, 2017 | 0 comments

Two months ago I told about new classes system. After some time we have understood that described system isn’t deep enough. Football Tactics is not only a tactical but also strategical game. It’s the game where your decisions affect the way your club develops.

So we changed the system. We made it much deeper. In the current game, the footballers have the overall level and the levels of the skills. In the next update, there will be a new element – Specialisation level.

For any footballer you can choose where to specialize his development: either on skills, or attributes or even on the beautiful game which attracts fans and sponsors.

Don’t pay an attention to the graphics; firstly, we prototype the systems, and only when we see that they are fun, we make them beautiful.

Initially, the footballer should choose the class he is good in. The footballer will earn Specialization XP based on the actual positions he plays in the matches. After learning the whole “Specialist” branch, other branches become available.

You can learn the abilities from different branches, but if you learn all abilities from one branch, the footballer or the club will earn a one-time bonus. For example, after learning the branch “Experienced”, the footballer’s general level will instantly increase on 5.

Some effects are added together with other footballers effects. For example, if you have 4 Crowd Favourites in the team who also attract sponsors, the sponsors’ conditions will give you 20% more money (instead of 5% for one footballer).

Now imagine how wildly you can experiment with your club development 😉 What if all your footballers attract sponsors?

Btw, pay attention to the branch “Experienced”. You can learn the abilities which allow your footballers to spend all three points to the selected attribute. Want +3 Accuracy every level up? This branch is for you.

Work is in full swing. There is still a lot of polishing and improvements. However, we hope that at the first days of June we will give the access to the beta-version for few selected players.