Spain is the winner

The final was very tense. Spain and Ukraine were getting points very closely to each other. Only few hours left to the end of the competition but it wasn’t clear who is going to win. Few hours Ukraine was taking the lead. The gap between the teams increased.
However, 1,5 hours before the end, it became obvious that Spain has a better strategical position. The Spain’s schedule allowed getting more points than Ukraine could. No chances Spain would make a mistake.

The viewers of Ukraine’s streamer took a desperate attempt to interrupt Spain by motivating its opponents. But it didn’t give any results. Moreover, in answer, the Spanish viewers went to motivate the Ukrainian’s opponents.

Having the almost equal amount of the points, being at the peak of the tension, Ukraine’s streamer decided to give up one hour before the end of the competition. Ukraine’s schedule just couldn’t give the needed amount of points in the last hour.

Spain played 5 matches more earning 1000 points. And it was the end of the competition.

Update #8



1 place – Cyrus_GZ (Spain) – earns 3 keys of Football Tactics. Its team will be added to Football Tactics. Anyone will be able to choose it for playing in the pvp and hot seat matches.

2 place – Mad4Cookie (Ukraine) – earns 2 keys of Football Tactics. Also, we decided to reward the streamer for his will to win. He didn’t give up and fought to the end. So his team also will be added to Football Tactics.

3 место – Feverclan (Greece) – 1 key of Football Tactics

Thanks to all participants! Even so you didn’t win, we hope that you and your viewers had fun. Keep in touch. We will hold more competitions.