Features of the next major expansion (Part 12)

Oct 15, 2020 | 0 comments

This is part of a series of articles that talk about many new features which will appear in the next major expansion. You can find past articles in our blog.

A little less than a month is left before the expansion is released. We are actively polishing it, finalizing the balance, fixing bugs. However, there are still quite a few new additions that I haven’t talked about. Today I will talk about some of them.

Improved infrastructure and staff

New Infrastructure

In the original game, you could upgrade the stadium and the youth academy for money. There were also coaches in various positions that you could improve for glory.

Now the mechanics of infrastructure and personnel will change slightly.

First, we are adding new buildings that you can upgrade for the money. These are training fields, a scout centre and a medical centre. Each of these buildings has a dedicated staff.

Each building upgrade allows you to upgrade coaches a certain number of times. For example, a medical centre has a head physician (reduces the maximum duration of injuries) and a head masseur (reduces the likelihood of injury). As long as the medical centre is at zero level, you cannot upgrade medics. For each improvement of the medical centre, you can improve the staff twice. You decide who to improve: you can improve the head physician twice, or you can invest one improvement in each of the medics.

Likewise with other buildings.

New Personnel

The following types of personnel are added:

  • Chief physician – reduces the maximum duration of injuries
  • Head masseur – reduces the likelihood of injury
  • Youth coach 2 – gives more experience to footballers under 21
  • Youth coach 1 – the higher his level, the more pronounced the main attribute of a young footballer will be. In the letter informing about the new footballer, you will see how the attributes would look like without the coach:

Changes in the work of coaches

  • Bench coach – previously, his effect was combined with the effect of coaches of different positions. But we saw that many players do not understand this and upgrade this coach separately from other coaches. It made a little sense. Now, he provides significantly more experience than before but does not combine with the effect of other coaches.
  • Defender coach – since there are more defenders in the team than other classes, one coach cannot effectively train them all. Therefore, the effect of this coach is reduced compared to other coaches.

Finance Statistics

One of the most frequent requests from players is the ability to see the current sponsor conditions on some screen. Also, players would like to see their club’s transfer history.

We decided to go further and make a screen where you can see the history of all expenses and earnings. Moreover, not only for money but also for glory and for fans.

Club Economy

By default, the screen looks scary. But you can customize the display of information in a convenient way. For example, I compare earnings from ticket sales with earnings from the sale of footballers:

The graph shows that for three seasons (2026-2028) I made quite a lot of money selling footballers but ticket sales did not grow. What happened then? Displaying your history right on this graph will help you:

Now it’s easier to understand that in those three seasons I got stuck in the First League and decided to reorganize the team.

And here are the glory statistics:

Here I am comparing the gains from a goal difference versus a win over a strong opponent. In the 25/26 season, the gains from goal difference were the highest, while those from strong opponents were rather small. In the same season, I finished 2nd in the Second League. This may indicate that my team was on par with other teams. And I won them with a fairly high score.

And finally, the graph of increasing the number of my fans (the white line is the total number of fans, the green line is how many fans have joined the club, and the red line is how many have left the club):

Additional Information

For the current season, there is an ‘i’ button opposite to each of the statistics points. By clicking on it, you will see additional information. There’s one good exception though. The information about your transfers available for all the seasons, not only the current one.

For example, here are the information about my current sponsor and about the footballers I bought in the 28/29 season

Do you have any questions or comments?

If something in the description is not clear, if you liked (or did not like) something especially about the new features, write in the comments. We would like to know what you think about all of that.

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