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DEMO is Available!

We just launched a demo for Football Tactics. The game isn’t finished yet, but at the moment it’s quite polished. You can choose a country you want to play in, create or select a club, and play full season in Amateur League. You will also play against teams from higher leagues in Prestige Cup.

You’ll be able to fully manage your team, buy footballers, get XP in matches and learn skills, upgrade stadium and hire assistants and coaches.

Two languages are available: English and Russian.

Unpack the archive and execute game.exe


Known Issues

1) To scroll pages right and left you can:
– use keyboard arrows
– make swipe with mouse (hold LB and swipe it right or left)
(we will add arrows on the screens in release version)

2) On wide screens the game has 4:3 ratio and black right and left sides

3) When you created a club in one language, its name and the names of all other clubs are saved. So when you switch to another language, the clubs’ names will be on the initial language. Just create a new game on your language to have all clubs be saved on this language.

Download from IndieDB:
Football Tactics Demo


Football Tactics – is a tactical football manager with turn based matches. Create your own club, and turn it to a team of the champions!

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