Football, Tactics & Glory is Out Now!

Jun 1, 2018 | 0 comments

Today Football, Tactics & Glory leaves Early Access, exactly after 3 years spent in it.

We could have launched the game last year or even two years ago. But it’s our dream game so we wished it to be not just a good game but an awesome one. Indeed, we created the unique experience which never existed before.


Thank you for your support, help, and feedback. I can’t imagine we did the game so great without you. You are our 12th player!

What’s next?

We have a lot of ideas of the new great features for Football, Tactics & Glory. But everything depends on the game’s success. The more successful the launch is, the more probably we will be able to please you with awesome new updates you are so used to while we were in Early Access.

Currently, we consider the possibility to widen the game with the huge add-ons like Civ and XCOM games do. But the final decision will be made by the results of the sales.

You can help us spread the world by writing Steam reviews and telling about the game’s launch in the social networks with the tag #FootballTacticsGlory.

In any case, the following weeks we will be there reading the forum, fixing possible bugs, and polishing the game. So if you have any problems or bugs – write, please, on the forum. We will read everything.

Game’s history

Finally, I’d like to show you the screenshots which demonstrate the game’s history. Some of you see the screenshots for the first time. But some of you will recall the times when you purchased a strange game and became the part of the game’s development history.

The screenshot of the first working prototype.

At this moment, we have already made the mechanics be very fun. However, we didn’t know how to make the controls comfortable. The ones you see on the screen were really bad.

The first prototype of 3D graphics.

It’s a screenshot from our Steam page when the game was launched in Early Access. While it’s similar to how it looks now, there still weren’t different stadiums, weather, 3D arrows.

The current graphics.


In this video, I tell about the origins of the idea of the turn-based football and why it makes the game really fun.

This gif shows how our whole graphics changed for the time spent in Early Access.

There’s a huge amount of other changes and improvements as well. Sometimes I feel like we developed two different games while being in Early Access 🙂

Our team put the soul and a lot of love into the game. And we wish you to have a great time playing Football, Tactics & Glory!