Football Tactics – People’s Choice!

Dec 21, 2017 | 0 comments

Around a month ago we asked you to vote for our game on the FreeGalaktus 2017 competition. And you know what? You helped us to win!

There were 125 games submitted from 35 countries. We enrolled in the last stage of the competition when voting for other games was already active for a long time. So our expectations were low.

However, every one of you who voted helped us to get this victory!

Despite we are a tiny team, we always try to get in over our heads in every aspect of development. Because we want Football Tactics to give you the experience no other game can give.

But it would be impossible without your help. Some of you help with translation to other languages, some – give us constructive feedback, some – create modifications, some – help new players on the forums, some – create online-tournaments, some – vote for us, some – help us with the article on a big site, some – create music for the game, some – write Steam reviews… Every piece of the help is not very noticeable in everyday’s life. But in the long run, I clearly see how Football Tactics is shaped by you – our players.

And like in football, where fans are a 12th player, you are our 6th developer 😉

It really inspires us to rock further. The next big update (living transfers) will make the game even more deep and interesting. You will love it.

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