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Nov 29, 2019 | 0 comments


Football, Tactics & Glory is a pretty unique game. We created all the mechanics from scratch, trying to give a new exciting experience that no other game could give before.

But giving the new playing experience also brings difficulties – players need to take deep into game mechanics and try to understand them. And we do not seem to have succeeded in teaching many players how to use basic mechanics.

And given that the game has quite a large tactical depth, we are very sorry to see on the streams or read in the reviews that many players do not use the entire tactical arsenal. For example, many people know that there are crosses in the game, but few people know how to use them. However, it’s a very important mechanics which allows winning even stronger opponents.

Therefore, we decided to make an update that introduces you to many important mechanics in a fascinating way.


Start a new campaign with the Tutorial option enabled. At some point, it turns out that you must pass a series of tests in order to obtain a coaching license. You will take tests between matches.

You can also go to Footballpedia in an already launched campaign, and in the last tab, you will find links to all tests. Click on any link to pass the desired test at your convenience.


We created a tutorial in which every mechanics is explained by a minimum of text. You can hover over underlined words to find out more information, but this is not necessary.

The most important thing is that the tests are interactive. To pass the exam – you need to complete the tasks. Having completed the tasks, you’ll better understand how certain mechanics work.



  • After successfully performing the Nutmeg skill, not only Accuracy and Pass increase but also Control increases by 50%. This will make it easier to get around the Center Defenders.
  • The referee gives cards more often when a footballer injures an opponent.
  • Center Midfielder’s Pass bonus increased from 20% to 30%.
  • When a team does not have enough players, the club president finds an additional player. On Easy difficulty, everything remained unchanged. On Normal difficulty, the player will be 32-33 years old. On Hard difficulty, his age will be 34 years.
  • The sponsor, who paid money for goals, also paid for goals in penalty shoot-outs. This was wrong. Fixed.
  • Long pass distance changed from 3-5 tiles to 4-5. Do not be surprised when in the usual situation you can not use the Long Pass for 3 tiles.
  • Long pass, Layoff Pass and Olympic Kick now spend one “charge” when passing through an opponent’s footballer. Now, for example, you will not be able to perform the Long Pass of the 1st level through two players, because the “charge” will be spent on the first player, and the second player will surely intercept the ball.


  • Added Borderless fullscreen.
  • Added numbers on jerseys on the Management screen.
  • Added information about injuries and cards on the mini-pitch during the simulation of the match and in the post-match report.
  • Now the game uses real jersey designs on the mini-pitch, in the post-match report and in other places (previously used jerseys with the main colour).
  • Now the game determines the main colour of the opponent’s kit and automatically selects such kits so that the colours of the teams do not match.
  • Improved the placement of Footballpedia articles. Now they are laid out in different tabs. Icons have been added in some places to make it easier to find articles.
  • Images have been added to some Footballpedia articles.
  • Now AI can perform penalty instead of a player. This can be useful when playing Hot seat mode.
  • When creating the game world, the flags and names of countries from modifications were not displayed on the Country Ratings screen. Fixed. 


  • Improved rendering of the faces. Now the features of the faces look more distinctively.
  • There was a bug which allowed for some AI players to learn skills even though their specialization level wasn’t sufficient. Fixed.
  • Fixed the colours of the tournaments on the calendar timeline in the Main Screen. They were mixed.
  • When there were 32 players in the club, the bench disappeared in the club’s photo. Fixed.


We read forums and reviews, communicate on Discord and other social webs. Many of you may have noticed that some of the changes were made because you drew our attention to the bugs or problems. Thank you for participating! Thanks to your support, the game is getting better.

If you encounter any bugs in the update – please write on the forum. We will be happy to read your feedback, know your opinion on the update.

And do not forget, please, to write Steam reviews for Football, Tactics & Glory. They help us a lot to be more visible on Steam.

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