Halloween Update 10.1

Oct 28, 2017 | 14 comments

Before starting to work on the next big update (transfers), we decided to make you a gift to Halloween So we released an update which adds different improvements you asked us frequently.

The main improvements are about usability. But also there are new features.



  • Now you will see how much specialization xp you a player have when you hover a cursor on the xp bar. //Very useful if you want to know precisely how much xp you need to the next level up
  • Now the substitutions screen shows also the opponent’s formation. //Very useful if you want to improve the tactics in the middle of a match
  • Now if your player knows several classes, you can change the class on the substitutions screen. //Now, the players with several classes have a bit more advantages
  • Now you can drag and change the players on the specialization screen. //Very useful when you plan to develop your amateur players
  • Now, on the specialization tree screen, the attribute a player trains is highlighted with white color. //Useful for deciding what abilities to choose
  • Now, on the specialization screen after a match, you will see not two biggest xp bars, but two bars which earned the most specialization xp. //Very useful when a player has big bars of some not important class, and you don’t understand what class he was learning in the match


  • Now, the calendar randomly generates at the start of a new season. //It’s not important in the lower leagues, but it is very good improvement for Premier league where you played every year against same teams in same order
  • Now, you will pay for speeding up the skills training proportionally to the time left. //The possibility we were asked for a long time
  • Now, when your player gets a red card, the substitutions screen opens. //It will allow you to evaluate the situation and decide what to do
  • Now, Goalkeeper’s Tackle is a free action. Earlier, it was an exception from other actions. //We did it to standardize mechanics
  • After intercepting throw-ins, the ball had a high probability of flying back behind the sideline. We decreased this probability because it was unrealistic.


  • Fixed crashes after Alt+Tab. //it was a big problem for the players who worked on modifications. And in general, it frustrated. Now, switching works fine
  • Added VSync for the windowed mode. //It was asked a few days ago on the forum. And it happened in the very good time – when we fixed the graphical subsystem with alt+tab 🙂


  • Fixed the appearance of the hints while Footballpedia is opened
  • Fixed wrong earning the specialization xp after substituting different classes (for example, defender substituted a goalkeeper)
  • Now, Trainer assistant won’t send you a message that some footballers don’t learn skills when they actually learn them or even already left the club
  • Fixed the stopping stamina regeneration for the opposing teams when there is more than a week between matches
  • Fixed a bug which appeared when you planned a substitution but this footballer was booked
  • Fixed the bug in which the AI used Aggressive tackle even his motivation was ended
  • Fixed the bug in which CD didn’t automatically tackle the ball on the last action of a half
  • Now, the system understands offsides when the ball bounced from a goalkeeper to the forward staying in the offside
  • Fixed the animations of running on 3 and 4 tiles


There was also a hotfix to this update. More details you will find there.