How coach levelling will work in Manager’s Journey

Oct 7, 2021 | 0 comments

In the next expansion, even the most disastrous season will make you stronger as a coach. After all, now you will earn experience in matches. As you level up, you will unlock abilities that will give you new opportunities.

Earning experience

After each match, you will receive experience, which depends on whether you win, draw or lose.

In addition, the amount of experience depends on the tournament in which the match was played. The Prestige Cup gives you more experience than the Amateur League.

Moreover, the higher you climb in the cup tournament, the more experience you earn.


When the progress bar is filled fully, you receive a reward.

For reaching each even level, you can choose one of three new abilities:

In the screenshot above, I’ve selected the “Most Important Match of the Season” ability. This will allow me once a season to strongly motivate the footballers before the match, thus increasing my chances of winning.

Ability levels

See the stars on the ability icons? They show how many times each ability can be upgraded.

When you get the ability, the first star lights up. If you get it again, the number of stars will increase. And the ability itself will get a stronger effect.

In the screenshot above, the leftmost ability has not been learned. If I choose it, the first star will light up. The ability in the middle is already at the 2nd level, and if I choose it, the level will increase to 3rd. The ability in the right is at the first level.

Other bonuses

Levelling gives other bonuses as well. Upon reaching each uneven level, you will be able to choose one-time money or glory payout.

Considering that each season you have to complete certain president tasks, additional money, or even more importantly – glory, will definitely not be superfluous 🙂


Seeing your abilities

At any time, you can see which skills are already unlocked, what their level is, and what effect you will get when using them:

    Sandbox mode

    When we add new mechanics, we always think about giving players the opportunity to use those mechanics in their own way.

    Some players may want to start playing in the Premier League right away as an experienced coach. Some players want to experiment with abilities. Someone may come up with a fictional scenario for themselves and want to play a certain role in it.

    Therefore, before the start of the campaign, you can specify what level you will have and immediately choose which skills will be available to you in the game:

    What do you think about levelling?

    If you have any thoughts, feedback on the topic of levelling, we will be glad to find out about it in the comments.


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