Huge expansion Manager’s Journey – Now Available!

Nov 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Now, Football, Tactics & Glory allows you to create even more diverse emergent stories!

Meet Manager’s Journey – a new huge paid expansion:

It was named Manager’s Journey to reflect one of the main new set of mechanics: the possibility to move to other clubs and experience a journey of a manager who starts low and rises to the heights of world football. Together with other new mechanics, it creates significantly more personal and unique stories making the game even more interesting and deep.

There, you can find more details about what is new.


Can I continue the campaign started in the original game?

No, you will have to start a new campaign. But the quality of the new gaming experience is worth it.

Will my old campaigns be deleted?

No, they will be kept. You can disable the expansion at any time and continue the old campaigns in the original game.

Will the expansion be released on consoles?

It depends on our console publisher. At the moment, they have shown no interest in porting the expansion. But hopefully, this may change in the future. In any case, you can write to them directly and tell them that you would like to see the expansion on the console of your choice. Here is their website: https://www.toplitz-productions.com

Or you can write in their Discord: https://discord.gg/f52yESKbcK

In the reviews, I read that the game is slow. Is that true?

As with any serious football management game, the more countries are simulated, the longer you have to wait between match days. Previously, in FTG, we fully simulated only one country. And now in Europe alone, 35 countries are fully simulated. Premier leagues on other continents are also simulated. We’ve greatly optimized the simulation process, but there are quite a lot of different processes going on in the game world that need to be calculated.

Therefore, before starting the campaign, you can disable countries that are not very interesting to you. You can either delete them altogether or leave them in the game, but do not expect the job offers to come from there. In the second case, only the Premier League will be simulated in these countries. You can also turn off the simulation of countries on other continents. As a result, the speed of the game can be quite high if you find the optimal number of simulated countries for yourself. I think that if you leave 10-15 countries, the game will simulate pretty quickly on most computers.

We, in turn, will look for ways to speed up the simulation process. Follow our news.

What are you going to do next?

First of all, we will read forums, communicate with players, collect messages on how the game works, and fix possible bugs. We are also planning to look for a possibility to speed up the process of simulating the world.

In the longer term, we will look at the sales of the game and decide what to do. First of all, we would like to add national teams, World Cup, National Championships for all continents, etc. But so far we do not want to promise anything.

I have a crash / bug. Where can I find help?

Read this post and follow the instructions: https://steamcommunity.com/app/375530/discussions/0/523897023726681633/
I read the forum and answer the comments almost every day. So don’t worry, you will get help. We care about our game and our players.

Where can I discuss the game with other players?

Forum – the main hub for the discussions.
Discord – even better place to discuss the game. Personal stories, university, positive community. Come join us!


We worked a lot to create a unique and deep experience. But at the same time, we couldn’t get as far without your commentaries, support, feedback etc. Thanks to everyone who comments on the game, record videos, leaves feedback, help to novice players, reviews the game! 

Separately, we want to thank those players who helped us translate the expansion into other languages. Many of them not only translated the texts of the expansion but also read out all the old texts, corrected many errors and typos. Thanks to them, you can play in your native language. 

Also, we are very grateful to the players who tested the beta. Besides the fact that it helped us a lot in finding bugs, we also received valuable feedback, which allowed us to make the game better. Thanks guys! 

Your feedback is important for us

If you like the update, we will be happy to read about it at any of our social networks.

If you haven’t written the Steam review yet, write it, please, when you play enough. It’s very important for us because the more reviews we have, the better Steam shows it to other players.

If you do not like something in the update – write about it on the Steam forum or Discord. I check your messages every day and in case of problems I try to help.

Have fun! 

And by the way, which of the new features pleased you the most?