Little Summer Update (Football Stars)

Jun 4, 2021 | 0 comments

While we are fully immersed in the development of the next huge expansion, we are committed to making the experience for the players of the current version of the game as flawless as possible.

Therefore, we took the time to make some little improvements and fixe minor bugs:

Game improvements

  • Earlier, during a corner, the AI firstly pushed your footballers which are closer to the corner taker. This made it easy to take an advantageous position without much effort. Now, the order of the push has been changed. The AI ​​will start pushing from the far side.
  • Now, on the main screen of tournament statistics, when scrolling through the list of champions, the list of second places will be scrolled along with it.
  • Now, the option ‘Disable Goal Celebration Animations’ also disables the animation of the celebration of victories in tournaments.


  • The bonus of learning the Talent group did not work for the footballers who appeared in the youth academies of other clubs. Fixed.
  • On the main screen of continental tournament statistics, sometimes the ‘Country with the most trophies’ stat displayed the incorrect country. Fixed.
  • If several footballers are planning to tackle the ball from the opponent which is going to run 3-4 tiles, then when viewing the Ctrl-panel for each of these footballers, the DEF value was shown, which summarizes the DEF of all these footballers. Fixed. Now, you see the correct DEF value. I want to recall that if several footballers stay near the line of the run, only one will try to tackle, but the overall DEF is the sum of all the nearby footballers’ DEF x flank tackling penalty,
  • Rare crashes in the hot seat tournaments have been fixed.
  • Fixed some bugs that led to crashes when creating a photo after winning a tournament.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI could sometimes make substitutions using second squad footballers.
  • Fixed some typos in English and French.

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