Little update

Aug 11, 2020 | 0 comments

While we are working on the next big expansion, we have found some little bugs which we would like to fix for the main game:

After finishing the tutorial tests, some players experienced crashes if they tried to replay the tests. Fixed.

  • In some rare cases, the players might not pass some tests from the first try. Fixed.
  • In the Precision Shot test the image showed the wrong penalty for 4-tiles distance. Fixed.
  • Slightly improved the image of Argentina flag.
  • When a footballer got the bonus for finishing the Specialization tree, the specialization icons were skewed. Fixed.
  • Fixed the wordings in French (in the sentences like `Aujourd’hui, nous jouons _en_ qualifications `)
  • Changed the name of one of the Indonesian cities

Just in case you didn’t know, a new big expansion is in development. There are all articles which tell about new possibilities in it.

Also, your reviews really help us to reach more players. So if you still didn’t write one, consider, please, to write and tell other players about Football, Tactics & Glory.

Have fun!

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