Micro-Update 5

Aug 10, 2018


  • Changed the graphics of the calendar
  • Now, you can see the details of your match if you hover on the matchday on the calendar (earlier, you had to click on the matchday)
  • Now, when you click on the previous match days, you will see the results of the all matches on this day
  • In this window, you can click on any club to open the club’s screen
  • Significantly improved the information about your campaign in the main menu. Now, when you click on the “i” button on the main menu, you will see all the settings of your campaign
  • Added Serbia
  • Improved different aspects of the simulation to make the general world development more realistic
  • Now, at the start of the new campaign, you will have 2 more players in your team
  • Now, in the first 2 seasons, the sponsors won’t propose the conditions about the Cup tournament
  • Tiny usability improvements in the online game



  • Fixed some simulation bugs which made the game to crash in some rare instances
  • Fixed the blurry logo on the team photo
  • Fixed the stylistic mistakes in the Ukrainian localization

Thanks, everyone for your Steam reviews, feedback on the forum, Discord, Twitter, messages about the bugs, praises and support. We read all your messages. And we are glad so many players support us.