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We are still working on the console version of FTG. Therefore all the bug fixes and improvements which we make for the consoles we make for the Steam version as well.

Improving usability

  • [NEW] Added the information about the score, match time, and remaining actions to the substitutions screen.
  • [NEW] Added a tab with information about the match events (kicks, goals, corners, etc.) to the substitutions screen 
  • [NEW] Added a counter to the header of the second team, which shows how many footballers you still can hire to the maximum.
  • [IMPROVED] Created a new animation which shows who’s turn in the match. Now, this animation does not cover the information about a selected footballer.
  • [IMPROVED] In substitutions when hovering over a t-shirt on the pitch, now this football player is highlighted in the list of footballers.
  • [IMPROVED] Footballpedia articles are made narrower to fit the width of the text and pictures.
  • [IMPROVED] In the footballpedia some images have been updated and some typos have been fixed.
  • [IMPROVED] Redesigned pop-up messages. Now they look more attractive and comfortable.
  • [IMPROVED] When the player clicked the Copy button in the Tournaments names editor, it was not clear what was happening. A popup window has been added that informs that the names of the tournaments have been copied.
  • [IMPROVED] Penalty numbers are made larger and less transparent. Now they are better seen.

 Bug fixes

  • [FIXED] On the specialization screen after the match, the hint disappeared showing the exact amount of specialization experience.
  • [FIXED] When editing country coefficients before the start of the campaign, the game might not save the coefficients if you click in a row in each subsequent text field.
  • [FIXED] The changed tournament names were not displayed on the club history screen.
  • [FIXED] On the specialization screen after the match, the second squad was displayed.

 Gamepad support

  • In tutorials added display of gamepad buttons that you need to press.
  • A huge number of small corrections and improvements are made.

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