This week we worked on making new Transfers system. When Transfer window is open, our agent shows us the footballers he found. We can hire better agents to be able to find younger footballers. Also better agent can find more footballers, so we will have more choices.

Here’s the screenshot from my last play. It’s the Transfers screen:

Football Tactics Transfers

All my Defenders have Def around 40-50. It’s cool for Amateur league, but isn’t enough for Second league. So I wanted to buy strong Defender.

I worked the full season to earn ~$1mln. The Transfer window is open, and now I have to choose:

Shergold – he is cheeper, has good Def (85), and he is young enough (26 years). He has good skill “Layoff Pass”. But the problem is that half of my defenders have the same skill, so I do not need it anymore.

Quilter – more expensive, also has good Def (83), and what is very important – has talent “Technique”. It means, that Forwards won’t be able to use skills agains him. It’s very important to have the Defender with such talent in the team. BUT he is 30 year old.

*So who to choose?*

a) Younger and cheeper but with not important skill
b) older and more expensive but with very valuable talent?

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