October’s updates of Football Tactics

Nov 2, 2016 | 0 comments

In October, we released three micro-updates. They add few noticeable gameplay features and many small improvements and bug fixes. Here’s the list of the changes:

New Features

  • RED CARDS. Now the red card can be given directly for the aggressive play (they used to be given for the second yellow card, that’s why it was so rare).
  • BETTER TRANSFERS. New footballers will appear in the transfer list once in a week. At the same time, some footballers will be removed from the list. So every week there is a chance to find a footballer who fits your team. But also, you can lose a footballer if you don’t buy him when you see him.

UI Improvements

  • Now the footballers who’ve got a red card¬†will be shown in the subs, and they won’t interfere you to change the formation.
  • Now when a footballer earns a new level, the trained attribute is highlighted. It can be helpful if you often change the training goals
  • Now you can prolong the contracts directly from the Info screen. It will lessen the unnecessary moving between screens
  • Face Editor
    • Now the tab General will be opened by default
    • Now all colors can be changed at the top of General tab. It will allow you set the colors for the skin, eyes, hair and beard very fast without moving back and forth between the tabs
    • In the General tab, we united general settings in one collapsible list


We improved the infrastructure of the saves to make it able:
– load the game even if any save file is broken. In this case, the player will see what slot is broken. It will be possible to delete it or find out what to do to get help from us.
– automatically create backup files
– automatically define creating broken save and fix it.

Bug fixes

  • Sometimes the yellow card was hidden at the match. Fixed
  • Some players have a problem with empty footballers’ names. Fixed
  • Fixed the bug which prevented the AI to put a footballer on the goal after getting the red card by a goalkeeper
  • Fixed the bug which prevented the formation to return to the previous one after quitting the match
  • Fixed the problems with changing the footballers’ numbers