Spring Update of Football Stars

Mar 24, 2021 | 0 comments

We have two good news!

First, we decided to make another big expansion for FTG. We have even already started working on it. There’s a lot of groundwork to change the inner game’s structure in order to support planned mechanics. So it won’t be made soon.

We will tell you more details in about 2 months.

Second: today we want to please you with a small update for Football Stars that polishes some rough edges in the game.

List of improvements

  • Fixed rare game crashes after the cutscene with the celebration of the win in a competition. Crashes happened due to the fact that you could click with the cursor while game data was loaded on a slow PC.
  • If the goalkeeper of the AI ​​team received a second yellow card, the AI ​​replaced the goalkeeper, and 11 footballers remained on the pitch (there should have been 10). Fixed.
  • Sometimes the AI ​​would leave the goal empty if the goalkeeper earned a red card. Fixed.
  • Now the AI ​​will try to keep no more than one goalkeeper in substitutions. The rest of the goalkeepers will be sent to the second squad if there is room for them.
  • Groups were formed incorrectly in continental tournaments. Teams will now be split into four baskets according to country rankings. Each group will have one random team from each basket.
  • In continental qualifiers, pairs are now matched according to country rankings. The teams are divided into two baskets. A pair consists of teams from each basket. Previously, baskets were formed by the power of the teams.
  • In the early stages of domestic cups, pairs of teams were sometimes formed incorrectly (the draw could put two teams from the lower league playing against each other). Fixed.
  • Added the names of the footballers in the kick-off cut scene.
  • Teams did not use abbreviations from the modifications in Hot Seat. Fixed.
  • The ‘Attributes’ menu item in the gear menu in the match was removed. It was an unfinished feature that did nothing in the released version.
  • On the experience earning screen after the match, the light was incorrectly illuminating the hair, making it darker than it should have been. Fixed.
  • Some buttons were not displayed when the PS4 controller was connected. Fixed.
  • Inaccuracies in French localization have been fixed.


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By the way, in the next expansion, we plan to add new countries, including a new continent – Africa. You can help us a lot with this by adding data on those countries that you would like to see in the game. You will find more details by the link.

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