Stories of the great clubs

Apr 26, 2019 | 0 comments

Every campaign in Football, Tactics & Glory develops differently. Every time you create your club you live a totally new story. You will meet new challenges, you will form a new team, you will get close to the new footballers. You will feel something personal in relationships with your club.

In our Discord server, players write their stories, tell about problems, about wins and defeats, about their tactics.

It’s quite interesting to read these stories. Also, they might be useful for novices because they show how experienced players build their clubs, what priorities they have, what tactics they use etc.

Here’s a short preview of how it looks:

Visit our Discord server. In the “Personal stories” category you will find the current stories. Also, if you want to tell about your way to success, ask to open the personal channel. I’ll create it shortly.

Btw, earlier our players wrote their personal stories in Steam forums. I wrote about the most interesting stories here.

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