Summer update is live!

Jul 28, 2018 | 0 comments

World Cup is ended but we do not stop creating new updates. In this quite big update, we decided to improve some important parts of FTG which you asked us most of all.

Here’s a short overview of the improvements:

  • Now, you will see the birth dates for every footballer;
  • Significantly improved world simulation. Now, the clubs won’t become weaker after 15+ seasons;
  • Improved balance for 60 and 90 action modes;
  • Added Footballpedia to the matches;
  • Added the possibility to allow AI teams in the online tournaments;
  • Added 4 new counties;
  • many other improvements.





  • Added a Date of Birth column in the Contracts screen.
  • A semitransparent bar in this column shows how many time left to the birthdays.
  • Added a Date of Birth field in the Profile screen.
  • Added Next/Previous arrows at the bottom of the Profile screen. They allow you to scroll the list of the footballers without leaving the Profile screen.
  • If there is a match on the last day of a transfer window, you won’t be able to start the match until you check out ending contracts.
  • Now, when you select a skill to learn (or to upgrade) you will see a real time of the training. Earlier, it didn’t take to account the “Talent” specialization branch.

Now, you can better control when your players are getting too old to be sold.


  • Added a Footballpedia button into the match.
  • When you select an action or skill into a match, press Footballpedia button to instantly open the article about selected action/skill.
  • When you perform a skill of 2nd or 3rd level every dice roll will have the color of the actual roll. Earlier, all rolls had the color of your last roll. This improvement will add a bit of a drama to the matches.
  • Now, the successful headers give 5 specialization points instead of 2.
  • Decreased the pause which appeared when the turnaround animation played in a match. As a result – the controls became more fluent.
  • Now, the situation demonstrated on the gif below ends in a goal. Earlier, GK took the ball and couldn’t move. Quite a rare situation though.

Now, the situation on the gif ends in a goal. Earlier, GK took the ball and couldn’t move.


  • In the 60/90 action modes, the amount of Glory for reaching Top-10 is decreased
  • In the 60/90 action modes, the amount of xp needed for the next specialization level is increased in 1.5/2 times respectively.
  • The starting squad will be on 1-3 years younger in Normal and Easy modes. There will be more younger footballers in Easy mode.
  • In the Easy mode, the costs of the stadium. youth academy, scouts, coaches, skill upgrades are decreased.
  • Starting squad in the Easy mode now consists of 17 footballers instead of 14.
  • Now, in the Normal and Easy modes with enabled Tutorial, the starting amount of money is increased. However, the rewards for the president’s tasks are decreased.



  • Added Croatia, Uruguay, Romania, Indonesia.
  • Changed the “fates” of DMs. Now, their main attribute is Defence instead of Pass.
  • Changed the “fates” of the wing forwards. Now, their main attribute is Control instead of Accuracy.
  • Now, in the Windowed mode, the simulation works in the background. Therefore, you can switch to your browser of another application when you see the ball rolling. It will be easier to wait while the game simulates the match results, levelling and transfers of other teams.
  • Improved the Simulation subsystem. Now, the clubs won’t become weaker after 15+ seasons.
  • Now, AI clubs will put more players on the transfers. Therefore, there will be more footballers in the paid transfer list.
  • Fixed the lack of footballers of some classes after many seasons.
  • Now, AI clubs will more often put younger footballers in the matches.
  • Changed the Korean names (it appeared that there were a lot of Vietnamese names).



  • Changed the design of the Online play screens.
  • Now, players can choose a kit in the online mode.
  • Added the possibility to add an AI team into the online tournament (it might be useful for the tournaments of 4/8 players).
  • Disabled the possibility to use the Kick out action in the online game.
  • Added the possibility to select a kit before a hot seat match.

Not only we changed the design of the online mode, but also added a few new features to it.


  • Added more variety to the turnaround animations in the match.
  • Face generator learned to generate more diverse names for some European countries. The variability of the faces is slightly increased.



  • There was an old icon of the Fan favourites after the match which wrongly said that the bonus = 0.5%. Fixed.
  • In some cases, you couldn’t press anything in a penalty. Fixed.
  • Fixed the wrong time at the end of the half.
  • Amateur Forward had the motivation last for 6 actions instead of 7. Fixed.
  • Fixed some problems with the wrong update of the injured and booked footballers.
  • Fixed a rare bug which made the tutorial to freeze.
  • Earlier, when you wanted to sell a footballer, you could close the window and open it again. Often, the club where the footballer would be sold, changed. It’s a bug. Now, the club won’t change.
  • In some cases, the length of the learning skill might be shown as 1y 12m 6d. Fixed.
  • Fixed crashes in some rare cases.


Write in the commentaries what an improvement do you like the most?