Update #6

As a footballer, you always want to test yourself against the best.

– David Beckham


We call this update “The Competitive Spirit” because now you will be able to play against other players online.

Choose your team from the singleplayer game, invite your friends, and create a new tournament for 2, 4 or 8 players.

PvP in Update #6 of Football Tactics

Tournament on 8 players in Football Tactics

PvP in Update #6 of Football Tactics

Tournament on 4 players in Football Tactics

However, the new update will be interesting not only for those who waited for pvp mode. We prepared surprises for everyone.

Leagues Editor

One of the surprises is for those who have already understood how much fun it is to play in the modified leagues. Now we improved the editor by adding the possibility to give a name, select the skin color, and change the age of any footballer in any team in a league.

PvP in Update #6 of Football Tactics

Footballers Editor in Football Tactics

So expect that there will be new modifications not only with real clubs but also with real footballers. Your imagination can go even further. What if you have a league with your friends, all family members, relatives, colleagues, youtube and twitch subscribers? Like the idea? This guide shows how it’s easy to edit leagues.

Less random

We created the game’s mechanics in such way, that it shows the spirit of real football, where footballers’ mastery stays in the first place, but luck also plays a big role. Sometimes your team wins every match, but sometimes the ball just does not want to fly in the opponent’s goal.

If you do not like this approach, if you want your results were less dependent on the luck, try the new mode “Less random”. The higher the footballer’ attribute, the higher the minimum number he can roll.

PvP in Update #6 of Football Tactics

Different modes in Football Tactics

Other improvements

There are also many smaller improvements which are also important. For example, now trainers give significantly more XP after matches. The footballers faster recover after injuries. You will get more XP after losses and draws. Greek and Czech leagues were added. And also, Football Tactics was translated into Czech language.

The complete list of the improvements you can read there.

Thank you for your Steam reviews, suggestions, youtube-reviews, participation in localization and other help. Together we will make Football Tactics even better.

Play the game you way!