Update 10.2 – better tournament tables

Nov 9, 2017 | 2 comments

When we started working on the update 11. we understood that features we are working on now can be released separately from the big update. So we decided to do it. Everyone likes the quick updates, right?

So, welcome the updated tournament tables. Now, you can see the tables of every league of your country. Also, you will be able to see the power of every team.

It will allow you not only get better immersion of the country’s football life, but also watch how sometimes underdogs beat stronger teams.

Additionally, we polished the calendar’s code, added the possibility to view the fixtures for every match day, fixed different bugs etc.


List of the improvements


  • Now, you can see the tournament tables for every league
  • Now, you can see the power of every club in the tournament tables
  • Now, when you click on every match day in the calendar, you can see the fixtures for this day
  • Now, the header of the tab after the match has a name of the current league instead of abstract “Table”
  • Now, the schedule of the matches is finally random (earlier we disabled this feature because there were some bugs)


  • The probability of injuries is slightly increased
  • The speed of development of the AI teams is decreased in the normal mode
  • The speed of development of the AI teams is slightly decreased in the Hard mode
  • The power of the teams in Third league is slightly decreased


  • The sponsors’ option “For all home victories” is removed. It seems no one really liked it.
  • Now, the highlighted cells of the action Kick out are shifted and colored to red. So it will be harder to select a wrong action.
  • Removed the button “Restart”. Now, if you want to restart – you have to quit the match. We did it to avoid misclicks and in general, to not show that the game encourages the restarting. However, leaving the match allows you to fix your tactical mistakes.


  • Earlier, a footballer who scored auto goal earned points of MVP. Now, he doesn’t. Now, he loses the points.
  • Now, AI knows that it’s possible to throw in the ball directly into the offside.
  • One of the hints said the penalty for intercepting AM’s passes is 80%. Changed to the correct value (60%).
  • The distance for the action Kick Out was bigger in the top part of the pitch. Fixed.
  • Fixed many situations in which the specialization XP wasn’t shown or was shown not correctly.
  • Earlier, at a corner, if a defender pushed the opponent out of the box and received the pass instead of the opponent, there was a mechanics of the interception which wasn’t needed. It affected the defender to earn motivation points. Fixed.
  • Now, CD doesn’t use the automatic tackle if an opponent successfully used Sliding tackle against this CD
  • Now, after earning a new specialization level, the footballer’s cost increases instantly (earlier it grew after selecting a new ability). So now, the cost of the ability “Increasing the transfer cost” is shown correctly.
  • In some cases, a footballer earned the new specialization level, but the button Upgrade didn’t highlight. Fixed.
  • Earlier, if a footballer earned, for example, 70/70 specialization XP, the new level wasn’t given. Fixed.
  • New AI footballers stopped getting the shirt numbers. Fixed.
  • Fixed the problem which affected the successful skill on the last action of a half wasn’t rewarded with bonus action.
  • The achievement Assistant stopped working. Fixed, now it works.