In one week after release on Early Access we decided to make new release, which fixes bugs and makes some UI and balance improvements. But the main thing we wanted to add is Achievements:


For the first week players were very helpful, so we collected list of possible improvements and made really fine version 0.2:

List of changes

New Features

  1. Achievements


  1. A bit less powerful teams in Second-Premier leagues
  2. AI teams in lower leagues now have less footballers with skills
  3. Lowered the cost of contracts
  4. Lowered the cost of Age in calculating transfers
  5. Rebalanced purchases of AI teams betweens seasons. Now they can’t buy very powerful footballers (attributes 100+) if they do not have money for it
  6. Rebalanced the generation of the teams. Now there is more variability in footballers
  7. Rebalanced tutorial match. Now the player’s team is much stronger
  8. Increased a bit the probability of injury


  1. Added separated settings for sounds and music
  2. The button Substitutions placed directly in match window (in the previous version it was placed in Menu)
  3. Added button Substitutions to the window of the first half results
  4. The results of the first half disappeared in 15 seconds if player didn’t press buttons. We removed this functionality. Now the second half starts only when players presses the button to start.


  1. Fixed the names of German teams.
  2. When player upgraded 2nd scout’s assistant to 5 or higher level, the transfers list didn’t become bigger
  3. Fixed the bug with penalty taken on the last minutes of the match. The footballers after the penalty stayed on their previous positions
  4. Fixed the bug with selling not selected footballers