We got to the list of the top games that left Early Access in 2018!

Dec 28, 2018 | 0 comments

Steam compiled a list of the best games that left Early Access in 2018. Our Football, Tactics & Glory got to this list!

Thanks, everyone, for your support, purchases, Steam reviews, feedback on the forum! We see that you love the game, and so we continue improving it even though it is already released.

Wish you a very happy New Year!!! :cannonshot:

PS We really wanted to update the Beta before New Year. There are a few very ‘tasty’ new features for the Leagues Editor which we finished and almost polished. However, it appeared that there are few critical bugs which we won’t be able to fix by the holidays. So we had to postpone the Beta update to January 🙁 Anyway, these new features will bring a new life to the modifications. So it’s worth waiting for those who loves creating something new.

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