What to expect from the next add-on (Part 2)

Mar 11, 2020 | 14 comments

Last time I have told that there will be more statistics for the tournaments you play in.

Today I want to tell about other data you will be able to see in the game.

Viewing other countries

Many players asked about the possibility to see the tournament tables of other countries. We will give this possibility.

Now you can go to the Countries screen, choose the country of interest and click the ‘Tables’ button at the bottom of the screen. In the screenshot, my club plays in England, but I chose Italy:

View the results of all matches of the season

This is a possibility which many players asked us for as well.

At the bottom of the Tables screen, there are arrows to the right and left. They change the information about the selected tournament. Previously, you could only switch between the Clubs and Footballers views. Now we have added an additional view: Matches.

Moreover, you can even see the history of all matches of the season and in other leagues as well. For example, in the screenshot below, I opened the results of matches in Italy (I recall that my club plays in England):

Similarly, you can see the match results in continental tournaments:

The history of face-ups between clubs

Finally, the most important feature. You can see the history of face-ups of any two clubs.

Firstly, now before the match, a button appears that allows you to recall the history of plays with the next opponent.

Secondly, if you select an opponent in any of the tables, a button will appear at the bottom of the screen allowing you to see the history of matches with him.

And thirdly, on any of the screens that displays the results of matches, you can select the pair of clubs to see the history of plays between them. In the screenshot below, I look at the statistics between the two clubs in Italy:

This screen displays how many times each team won and how many draws were in the face-ups.

In addition, here we display additional data. For example, how many goals were scored in these matches by each team.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see all the matches in which the teams met each other with the date of the play, the name of the tournament and the round of the tournament.

Additionally, the result of the last five matches for each team is displayed in brief form.

Here is an example of interesting statistics between Liverpool and Madrid:

In 2019, teams played in the group stage of European Cup. Madrid beat Liverpool twice. But the matches were hot. Next time they met in 2023 in the finals. Liverpool avenged defeat. And two years later, Liverpool won again, but this time, in the semifinal of the European Cup.

Comment on what you were most interested in

If you were pleased with the information about any of these statistics, I would be glad to know what you were most interested in. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions – feel free to write in the commentaries.

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