Features of the next major expansion (Part 10)

Aug 12, 2020 | 5 comments

This is part of a series of articles that talk about many new features that will appear in the next major expansion. You can find past articles in our blog.

Today I want to tell you about several new features which do not add anything globally new but make the playing process much more enjoyable.

Improved the career screen

We completely remade the career screen to show you more data about the footballer. Despite the new columns like Cards, Injuries and Duration of the Injuries are interesting per see, we believe that the most interesting new possibility is the information about how much the new club paid for the footballer.

Sometimes, you can see quite interesting careers. For example, there’s a screenshot of a Center Defender who was grown by the Rome’s Youth Academy. He was noticed by the Zagreb’s scouts, and the club bought him for quite big money: 12 mln. Euro.

For the next 3 seasons, the footballers showed himself so well that Madrid purchased him for more than twice as big sum: 27 mln.

Additionally, we improved the profile screen for the footballers of your team. Except adding a possibility to see their Specialization tree directly from this screen (earlier you had to go to the Specialization tab of your club), now you also will be able to see his general statistics filtered by the clubs he ever played:

New music

We will add 10 new tracks. I’m sure we were able to get even better tracks than currently are in the game.


Goal scoring ball trajectories

Earlier, when you scored a goal, the ball was always flying by a direct trajectory. Moreover, no matter had far a footballer stayed from the goal, the time of flying was the same. When a shot was made from one of the corner tiles, the ball always crossed the goalposts.

Here’s how it looked like:

I believe it’s fine for a turn-based game where the match mechanics is the core of the game. However, we try our best the players also have a visual pleasure when playing FTG.

Therefore, in the next expansion, the footballers will send the ball by different trajectories: either in the close or far corners, with a twist or by the straight line.

Changed the balance of the fans

Earlier, you couldn’t get more than 80 000 fans because it didn’t have a gameplay sense. Now, we will remove this limit. Also, there will be new gameplay improvements:

1) New, the number of fans grows slower in general. You will get more fans for promoting to the higher tournament stages and for getting your players in the best team of the round.

2) After reaching some number of fans, the sponsors’ payments will be increased. Therefore, even reaching more than 80k fans, this number will make sense for you because it’s a part of your economy.

The screenshot shows the screen where you select a sponsor. I have more than 100k fans, therefore, I have an additional 10% bonus.

Comment on what you were most interested in

While these new improvements aren’t big, they improve the game in general. So we are interested to know what improvement you liked more.

Add the next major expansion to your Wishlist

I want to recall you that you can already add Football, Tactics & Glory: Manager’s Journey to your Wishlist.

This way you won’t miss the moment of its launch:

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