Features of the next major expansion (Part 11)

Sep 30, 2020 | 0 comments

This is part of a series of articles that talk about many new features which will appear in the next major expansion. You can find past articles in our blog.

Earlier I have written that we changed our plans. Instead of changing club mechanics, we decided to add Giftedness to the game. Many of you asked how will it work. Therefore, I decided to explain it.


Short description

  1. Now, every footballer has an additional characteristic: Giftedness.
  2. It is represented by the number of stars (0-5).
  3. The higher the Giftedness, the higher the level you can train the footballer to.
  4. In the matches, the Giftedness affect the maximum potential of the skills.

On the screenshot – the top Premier league team (Liverpool FC):

How Giftedness affects earning XP

Here are examples of some Giftedness levels so you better understand how the system works in general:

Giftedness 0:

  • Up to 5th level, the footballer earns 100% of XP
  • Levels 5-10 – 60% of XP
  • levels 10-15 – 30% of XP
  • After 15th level – 10% of XP

Giftedness 3:

  • Up to 50th level, the footballer earns 100% of XP
  • Levels 50-60 – 60% of XP
  • Levels 60-70 – 30% of XP
  • After 70th level – 10% of XP

Giftedness 5:

  • Up to 90th level, the footballer earns 100% of XP
  • Levels 90-95 – 60% of XP
  • Levels 95-98 – 30% of XP
  • After 98th level – 10% of XP

Thus, the higher the Giftedness, the easier it is to train the footballers to higher levels. Also, the footballers with a lower Giftedness will be upgrading their skills to the 2nd and 3rd levels longer.

By the way, to make it easier for you to navigate who is gaining experience at what speed, we have added small arrows to the column with the footballers’ levels. 4 arrows mean that the player gets 100% of the experience, 3 arrows – 60% of the experience, 2 arrows – 30%, 1 arrow – 10%.

You can see these arrows in the previous screenshot. But we also show them in the footballer’s profile:

How will this mechanic affect the development of your club?

Now, on transfers, you will pay attention not only to the age, level, skills and attributes but also to the Giftedness of the footballer. For example, you can see a footballer which might be perfect for you at this right moment. He’s a great 28-year-old centre back with a heading talent and a 30th level. But he has zero Giftedness, and you know that this defender will no longer develop.

But there is also an amateur defender with Giftedness of 3 and level 10. Yes, he still needs to be trained, you should allow him to play in matches, he should learn the talent or skill. But in the end, he can become much stronger and bring more value to your club.

Or he may not, as he will grow very quickly, understand his talent and will ask for a much larger salary than you are willing to pay.

Giftedness adds a new layer to the situations that can happen to you on your way to building your club.

The youth school adds additional depth. The higher its level, the more chances that a football player will be more gifted. Imagine your joy when youth with Giftedness 4 appears on your team (where the majority has the Giftedness of 1-2).

Here is a screenshot of my team in which this situation occurred:

The young Spencer graduated from the academy in this season. However, the chance that there will be a player with Giftedness 4 was only 1.5%.

How Giftedness affects performing skills

Earlier, the skills worked as follows:

  • The skill potential of both attacking and defending footballers was always 10.
  • The more tired the attacking footballer was, the lower was his skill potential.
  • Defending footballer always had the potential 10.
  • Motivation didn’t affect the attacking footballers (however, gave the advantage to the defending ones).

Now, the skills will work in a more interesting way:

  • The potential of both footballers will depend on their Giftedness.
  • The potential of the footballers with Giftedness 0 will be equal 5. The potential of the footballer with the Giftedness 1 will be equal 6 etc. The potential of the footballer with the Giftedness 5 will be equal to 10.
  • Amount of energy will affect BOTH footballers. That is, the defensive footballer’s potential will also depend on Giftedness and energy.
  • Therefore, now we show the skill potential for each footballer. After all, this number is used not only when performing skills, but also when protecting against skills.
  • The Heading talent will also depend on the skill potential. Therefore, the tired footballer will have a lower potential than the fresh one. Earlier, even absolutely exhausted footballers could score headers without penalties.
  • If the footballer is motivated, his potential increased on 2.
  • Earlier, learning the specialization group Talent increased the speed of learning the next skill on 2 months. It was not very useful for special classes. We changed that bonus. Now, after learning the group, the footballer’s skill potential will be increased by 1. So even the footballers with lower Giftedness can learn this group and improve their potential a bit.

How will it affect the game?

Now, the skills of the first level will not be almost useless (they were too risky). If you use the Long Pass with a Giftedness 1 footballer against a footballer with Giftedness 0, then 6 versus 5 will be compared.

If you managed to exhaust the opponent (his energy dropped), then the values might be ​​6 against 4. This is also true for your footballers, who get tired and their potential decreases.

After the internal tests, we see that the dynamics and excitement of matches in the lower leagues have increased significantly.

Also, the strength ratio between weaker and stronger clubs will become more realistic. Previously, a weak footballer with a level 3 Cannon Shot could strike fear into an entire continent. Now, if he has a low Giftedness, then a goalkeeper with a high Giftedness will be able to better resist him.

How Giftedness will affect the balance of the countries

Countries used to differ in how good the youth schools were in the country’s teams. In England, for example, youth schools produced high-level footballers, while in the Faroe Islands – low-level ones.

But this was not enough for teams from different countries to really differ in their strength.

Now, the lower the country in the ranking is, the fewer chances there are that gifted players will appear there. And since clubs in stronger countries are stronger financially, they will try to find and buy rare gifted players from weaker countries. In this way, we can better show the dynamics of the football world.

Final notes

We’ve been testing new mechanics for a long time and we really love it.

First, matches have become more exciting and dynamic. Secondly, the development of the club is now perceived in a new way.

It may feel like you are playing FTG2 as you have to re-learn how things work together, how to make decisions, how to develop players, etc. The game has become deeper.

Therefore, we are confident that you will enjoy the extension.

Do you have any questions or comments?

If something in the description is not clear, if you liked (or did not like) something especially about the mechanics, write in the comments. We would like to know what you think of this mechanic.

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