What to expect from the next major expansion (Part 7)

Jun 11, 2020 | 0 comments

This is part of a series of articles that talk about the many new features that will appear in the next major expansion. You can find past articles in our blog.

When you love your club, when you put efforts in each match, sometimes you want to see a big picture of how you play. Do you score more at home or away? How do you score the most goals? How do you concede most of the goals? How many red and yellow cards do you get per season? How many injuries did your footballers have? Etc.

Also, when you have played 5 or more seasons, it is interesting to look back and compare your current successes with past ones. Did the winning percentage in away matches increase? Have you started to score more with a Cannon shot? Has the number of injuries decreased?

Such information would be great to see in diagrams and graphs, rather than in dry numbers.

To answer these questions, we created two new screens: Seasons and Trends.


We collected some pieces of global statistical data, placed them on the charts in such a way that it’s very easy to look at and evaluate the changes which happened in every season.

At first glance, the screen seems scary. But when you start to delve into the data, you will see that they are placed logically and easily for perception.

For example, the screenshot shows that in the season 2023/2024 in home matches I mainly won. But in the away, I had fewer victories, but many draws and defeats.

However, in the season 2025/2026, I was able to ensure that in away matches I had more wins and fewer losses. Given that I won the European Cup this season, we can assume that away victories were earned precisely in the play-off matches when it was necessary to get the victory in order to go to the higher rounds.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a switch that filters only matches of the league, cup and continental tournaments. So you can switch and see if your assumptions are correct.

– – – – –

Another very interesting feature is the ability to see on the charts how you scored and missed goals.

For example, see how the ratio of goals scored by a Cannon shot (red sector) has changed over the past three seasons. In the year 2023, I bought several young forwards with this skill, began to train the skill in training, and more often put forwards on the matches.

As a result, in the last season, the forwards improved their skill level and began to score a lot, having displaced the Rainbow feint from the first place. It’s worth noting that the share of Rainbow feint decreased partially because I sold an old forward with the third level of this skill.

By the way, the charts clearly show that I really like to score goals after crosses (orange sector).


In fact, we show almost the same data in the form of graphs. The graphs allow you to look differently at how your progress has changed over time.

The graph shows how the number of my victories grew and the defeats fell over time.

You can see the absolute values ​​of victories and defeats, but they make little sense if you play a different number of matches in each season. Therefore, we introduced an option that allows you to divide the number of pieces of statistics by the number of matches played. So the graphs will provide more logical information.

But if you look at the screenshot, you might think that it would be great to compare the successes in matches with your progression in the league. After all, it’s interesting to correlate the number of your victories with what place in the league you took and whether you won any trophy.

We have added such an opportunity. The left bar shows statistics, and the right one – the place taken in the league.

Now it has become more interesting. After all, you can, for example, see that in the third season I took seventh place. And this was the season in which the number of victories fell and the number of defeats increased.

This screen also shows other statistics. Here, for example, is a comparison of different kinds of scored goals for each season:

See how rapidly the number of goals scored by the Cannon shot has risen.

Comment on what you were most interested in

As usual, if the information about such statistics was interesting for you, write about it in the comments. It allows us to better understand you.

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