Winter Update for Football Stars

Feb 3, 2021 | 0 comments

In parallel with thinking about whether we should make more extensions for Football, Tactics & Glory, we have been working on an update that should please everyone who plays Football Stars.

We’ve compiled a list of small to medium player requests and selected the most noticeable improvements we can make from it. And while nothing fundamentally changes in the game, we made quite a few notable changes. So the overall game will become more comfortable and better.

Quality of life improvements

  • Now you can sort the list of footballers on the Contracts screen.
  • Added colour coding for young and old footballers. Now, the age of young footballers (who can gain experience from a youth coach) is greenish, and the age of footballers who are 33+ years old is reddish.
  • For universal classes, added the ability to click on the second skill slot (with a lock) and see what other skills they can learn.
  • Slowed down the animation of circles when performing crossing.
  • Added new animation speeds in the match (1.25, 1.75, 2.5, 3).
  • If a partner was on the tile where you should click to perform crossing, by default the Lofted Pass was selected. Now, the default will be Crossing.
  • During the penalty kick animation, the Substitution button will be available, so you can make the substitution before the penalty kick is taken.
  • Added a weather icon to the Opponent’s screen. Now, building tactics for the next match, you can easily understand what the weather will be like.
  • In the Hot-Seat tournament, the weather icon has been made brighter, because unlike the single-player campaign, there is no message about the weather, and you can forget about it.
  • When setting up groups in the Hot-Seat tournament, the distances between the groups have been slightly reduced so that they all fit on the screen.
  • The names of the featured footballers and their numbers are now shown on the pre-match screen.
  • Improved cancellation of scheduled replacement. Now, if you click on the footballer who participates in this substitution, the Cancel button will appear at the bottom.
  • If the team has a footballer with a contract which is going to end, then at the end of the transfer window a window will appear that warns you about this.
  • During situations where you can press any button (for example, celebration animations), the F12 hotkey (Steam screenshot) is excluded from the ‘any button’.
  • On the Tables screen, tilt of the controller stick now affects scrolling less dramatically.


  • Now, when obtaining a new specialization level, the remaining specialization XP points do not disappear.
  • Red cards will no longer be awarded during tackles from the front.
  • Slightly reduced the likelihood of violations in the penalty area.
  • Slightly reduced the chance of injury for some cases.
  • Significantly reduced the chance of injury for the Easy difficulty mode.
  • Earlier, the winners of the National Cup in the top countries would definitely get into the group stage of the EFA / AFA / AOFA Cup. These clubs will now qualify for the EFA / AFA / AOFA Cup qualifiers.
  • The draw for the Prestige Cup and the National Cup has been improved. Now in each round, all clubs are divided into two lists: the top one and the bottom one, according to their position in the league. Pairs consist of a random team from the top list and a random team from the bottom list. It used to be similar, but the pairs were not random. For each place in the bottom list there was a corresponding team in the top list.
  • In Sandbox mode in other countries, the strength of the teams from modifications was not used. Because of this, it was difficult to create your own ‘balanced’ set of leagues. From now, the strength of the teams from modifications will be used.
  • Now, when buying a footballer without a class, his specialization experience is not reset.

Match mechanics and AI

  • The talent Throw in has been improved. Now, instead of Passing attribute, it uses the value of 100. This will make the talent more effective.
  • Footballers now gain specialization XP when taking penalties: +5 for success, +2 for failure. If the attacker misses the goal, then the goalkeeper earns +1.
  • Earlier, if a foul was committed on my footballer, my footballer received +2 specialization XP, but it would be more logical to have +5. Now he gets +5 spec. XP.
  • Previously, footballers did not earn specialization XP for struggle during corners. Now the footballer gets +3 for the victory, and +1 point for the defeat.
  • Previously, if the goalkeeper caught the ball, the footballers moved back to random squares. Now, the wing forwards will try to retreat to the side of their wing, and the centre forwards – to the central zone.
  • A wing forward under pressure could still perform a Flank Break. Now, he can’t.
  • If a footballer started his turn while under pressure, he will no longer be able to perform the Hold action (same for AI).
  • Fixed incorrect AI behaviour when their goalkeeper is booked. The AI ​​will now make more intelligent substitutions.
  • In some cases, when the AI ​​goalkeeper was holding the ball, he did not pass it. Instead, another team player moved. Fixed.
  • Now, the game more logically chooses the direction of the goalkeeper’s jump when he kicks the ball to the corner.
  • If the goalkeeper does not stand in the goal before the start of the free kick, the game will put him in the goal.
  • If the goalkeeper stands in the penalty area (but not in the goal) before the start of the opponent turn, at the beginning of the turn he will move into the goal.


On the Achievements – Trends screen, new charts have been added (in already started campaigns, data for these charts will be collected from the new season):

  • The ‘Footballers’ graph will show the number, average level and average age of your footballers at the end of each season.
  • The ‘Cost’ graph will show information about the cost of your squad at the end of each season.
  • The ‘Injury’ graph will now show the duration of all your players’ injuries this season.

Other improvements:

  • On the Champions screen, in the tournament statistics, the top 3 footballers were shown among the best footballers, and not the top 1, which caused the Champions’ box to increase greatly. Also, there the data was shown for the third place, and not for the first one, because of which the data might not coincide with other screens.

Additional improvements

  • Reworked saving photos. The game now uses Steam functionality. When you click the Save button, Steam saves the photo to your Steam screenshot folder. After exiting the game, Steam will offer to upload the screenshot. Why are we using a separate ‘Save’ button instead of having you take a screenshot with F12? Because when you press F12, the game interface will be visible on the screenshot (unnecessary buttons). And when you click ‘Save’ we save the picture without unnecessary interface elements.
  • Added the ability to select Reduced RNG for Hot-Seat single match and Hot-Seat tournaments.
  • A savepoint has been added at the beginning of the transfer window.
  • Slightly improved the logic of young footballers appearing at other clubs.
  • Now the list of Romanian names consists of 43 thousand names instead of 1 thousand.
  • While viewing and watching a match, the game will block the computer from going to the screensaver mode.
  • When a team advances to the next round of the cup, joyous music will now play.
  • In the Steam Cloud settings we have changed the available storage space. Now there should be no situation that the game does not save progress, since the Steam Cloud is full.
  • Slightly reduced font in the hints for Asian languages, as sometimes information did not fit there.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed incorrect accrual of experience for the top 3 footballers of the match. They were given extra experience.
  • Fixed incorrect accrual of experience in one of the EFA rounds (the same amount was awarded as in the European Cup) [applies to all continents, not only Europe].
  • In some cases, in continental tournaments, after the group stage, the winner of the group faced the team that took second place in the same group. Now always the first place from one group will play against the second place from the other group.
  • Sometimes, the game didn’t understand correctly, that in the penalty shootout there’s already a winner. Now, the game will better identify these situations.
  • If a goal was scored from a free kick, the assist was assigned to the footballer who passed the ball to the one who was fouled.
  • In easy mode, saving did not occur after the player added additional Money and Glory to himself.
  • When changing the face, name or number of a retired footballer, these data were not saved.
  • Now, if there are 11 footballers in a team, it will not be possible to sell a footballer upon request from another club.
  • Sometimes a request to sell a footballer came after the end of the transfer window.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to ask the club many times about the cost of a footballer, and the cost in Glory increased infinitely.
  • On the pre-match screen, players’ arms were sometimes cut off during warm-up animations.
  • In some league configurations, sometimes the third place in the main continental tournament did not make it to the second continental tournament.
  • In full screen and borderless modes, after the match results screen, the cursor jumped to the centre of the screen. Similar behaviour was observed on some other screens. Fixed for all cases.
  • Now, you will not be able to upgrade the skills to the already sold footballers.
  • Rare bugs with substitutions have been fixed.

– – – – – – –
We would like to thank all the players who supported the game, reported problems, suggested options for improving the game, left feedback, and shared their emotions from the game. It is with your support that we continue to improve FTG.

If you were glad to know about any of the improvements, write about it in the comments. I wonder which of the changes was more important to you.

Have fun!

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