Beta 11 update – Emotions

Mar 25, 2018 | 0 comments

The main new feature of this update is emotions. Important new thing: we decreased the footballers’ heads. Now, they will look more realistic both in the celebrations and team’s photo.

Added new 3D transitions in the matches instead of the boring green screens. However, the new transitions are not finished.

Also, we put a lot of efforts in polishing current features. Especially in the AI of the clubs. Now, they are smarter in developing their teams. In particular, they give more chances to the perspective young footballers.



  • All celebration now have emotions.
  • The heads are decreased. Now, the stylization will be more realistic.
  • Added beautiful 3D transitions in the match events. Earlier the transition moved through a green screen. Now, every tournament has it’s own transition. HOWEVER! The transitions are far from being finalized. Many of them lack textures. In some places, there are long loading pauses. Will fix in the next updates.



  • Now, the clubs tend to give chances to their young perspective footballers if they play against much weaker opponents.
  • Now, the clubs will be much less be prone to put the footballers, not in their positions.
  • Now, clubs a bit better know learn the skills
  • Now, the clubs have a higher priority to upgrading one skill over learning two weak skills.
  • Slightly decreased dispersion of the levels when generating a new campaign.
  • The Amateur league is made harder. However, your starting footballers will have more skills.
  • The Hard mode is even harder now.
  • Now, the Long Pass skill¬†uses more energy.



  • Added new explanations on hovering with pressed Ctrl. Now, we show all possible effects. Please, comment the English in these sentences. Can I improve some texts?
  • Added a rotating ball in the high loading times.
  • On some screens, the numbers had a format “1000000”. Fixed these screens. Now, all the numbers have the same format “1 000 000”.
  • Now, the message “The skills are not available after kick off” shows only for the footballers who have skills. Also, we show the skill icons near the message.
  • Added the option which disables the celebration animations.
  • Added a hint for the club history which separates the cup winners from runner-ups. So you shouldn’t depend on recognizing the colour of the cup icon.
  • Added skill hints on the Specialization and Training screens.
  • Changed the class of the footballer in the starting tutorial. Now it’s RF (instead of FW).



  • Fixed the disappearance of a GK after another footballer was booked.
  • Fixed the disappearance of a footballer with the yellow card.
  • Fixed a rare bug in the career of a footballer who was purchased.