Beta Update #9 – New penalty mechanics

Jun 8, 2019 | 0 comments

For about 9 months, we have been working on a huge free add-on that expands your editing capabilities of game countries, leagues, teams and football players. On June 18th we will make this add-on available to everyone.

In the meantime, we are releasing the latest beta update. It includes quite a lot of significant improvements.


  • New penalty mechanics!
  • New match interface. You will have to get used to it for some time, but then – you will like it. It’s not only more beautiful, it also contains some tiny usability improvements.
  • Now you can edit goalkeepers’ kits! (You asked us for this for a long time)
  • Now you can remove the countries from your continent at the start of a new campaign. You can even leave only your only country. It’s very useful if you play the modifications like this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1677999082 But it’s also helpful if you want to create a series of the modifications where you change only a few countries and play only with them. So you won’t depend on the number of countries which already exist in the game.
  • Translated the game to all supported languages (thanks to everyone who helped us with the translation!!! It was a big help).
  • Added a big amount of new elements for the crest editor (increased the number of images from 36 to 109).


We have not had time to add tutorials and update footballpedia for the new mechanics, so I will briefly explain it here:

  • Now you choose from 6 zones instead of 3.
  • Now there is a chance to miss the goal.
  • When performing the penalty you will see the probabilities of hitting the goal.
  • The probability will depend slightly on the Control attribute. Therefore, the game will automatically choose the players with high Control.
  • When you play as a goalkeeper, you will see the forward’s probabilities of hitting the goal. They will be shown by the forward’s back.
  • The goalkeeper-AI tends to jump into those parts of the goal where the attacker is more likely to hit. 
  • Similarly, the forward-AI tends to kick in the zones where his chances to hit are better.

In this add-on, no additional changes to the penalty mechanics are planned. But in the future will consider the possibility to add the choice of a penalty taker.



  • [New] Revamped the interface of the kits and crests editors. Now they look like the face editor.
  • [New] Added two new haircuts. Here’s one of them: 
  • [Improved] If you edited the kit in the league editor, the footballer who demonstrated the kit was random. Now it will be a footballer from the edited team.
  • [Fixed] If you remove all footballers from the team, and then start adding new footballers, the button “Remove” disappeared.
  • [Fixed] When you uploaded the list of the names for the first time, the list didn’t save. 
  • [Fixed] When you uploaded the list of the names to Australia and Canada, the names didn’t appear in the leagues.


  • [Fixed] Informational panel didn’t appear after pressing Ctrl. 
  • [Fixed] Removed the second squad from the Specialization tab in the substitutions.


  • [Improved] – In the substitutions screen we added the possibility to make subs for both teams (earlier only active team might substitute footballers).
  • [Fixed] – the game crashed in some cases after choosing a team for hotseat.


  • [Improved] – significantly improved the poses of the footballers in the team photo. Now the photos will be more diverse.
  • [Improved] – a small “plus” which added money in the Mogul mode is made brighter (more visible).
  • [Improved] – for many countries we updated the logotypes, kits and colours. Also, changed the positions of the top teams in Premier league.
  • [Fixed] – sponsors didn’t pay money for promoting from the league and for taking the first place in the league.
  • [Fixed] – after promoting from the group stage in the continental cup your next opponent might be the team which played in your group. It wasn’t realistic.
  • [Fixed] – if you changed the kit for the home team before a match, the stadium and fans changed their colours as well. It wasn’t realistic.
  • [Fixed] – if a footballer possesses several classes, his colour in the substitutions might not correspond to the colour of the currently selected class. 
  • [Fixed] – in some cases, universal class AI-players might learn the same skill into different slots.

We plan to release the Beta to the official release on the 18th of June. So if you haven’t launched Beta yet, it’s best to wait until the big launch.

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