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Oct 28, 2022 | 0 comments

Creoteam is a team of Ukrainian developers. When the war started, we stopped developing this big update. We were volunteering, donating money to the army, and protecting families from the war. We could not even think about developing the game when enemy tanks approached our homes, and every day rockets could hit somewhere nearby.

It’s been 9 months of this brutal war. Danger has not disappeared, we have not stopped volunteering and helping the army. But thanks to our army and international help, now, we spend more time on game development. So we managed to complete the work on this update, which we planned to release early in Spring.

Here is the list of improvements and fixes.

Main feature

Speed up the game world simulation

The base game and Football Stars simulated a very limited number of teams. But in Manager’s Journey, you simulate the whole world. Therefore, even though we have increased the speed of the simulation, if you have all teams in the world enabled, you might experience increased waiting times when the game simulated the matches between all the teams, calculated economy etc.

Earlier, the simulation was calculated only on one processor core. Therefore, we rewrote a big part of our code to support the possibility of using several cores. As a result, we expect the speed of world simulation on multi-core processors to grow up to 50%.

Additional optimisation

If your campaign spanned several dozen seasons, the save process could take several minutes. A similar problem occurred when you exited one campaign and loaded another.

We have optimized the save game code so that now there should not be such large delays in the situations described above.


Other big improvements

Option “AI coaches can motivate teams”

In the past, only you as a coach could motivate your team. We did not give this opportunity to coaches of other teams because it could complicate the game in an unpredictable way for the players.

Now, we have added such an option to the screen of the new campaign creation:

How it works:

  • At the beginning of the campaign, the coaches of each club are given motivational abilities depending on the strength of the club. So not every coach is able to motivate his team.
  • It should be noted that there are different ways to motivate: to shout, to encourage, to make the match the most important in the season. Each of these methods has several levels. What these abilities are and what levels of these abilities are – it’s all individual for every coach in the world.
  • The coaches will assess the situation in the league and in the cup. So if they really need a win in the match against you, and if they have enough Glory, they will motivate their team.
  • It could be that at the start of the match the coach did not motivate the team, but after losing the first half, the team gets motivated in the second half.

In general, this mechanic can lead to the fact that the matches at the end of the season or at the high stages of cup competitions appear to be harder than usual. At the same time, you get more variety and excitement in the game.


Screen with the history of the tasks you were given

When you have already made your personal coaching history, you want to look back into the past and recall how your career was going: which tasks you completed, which you overcame, and which you failed. You also want to know when and how much Reputation you have gained or lost.

That is why we made it possible to look at the history of your tasks. You can view this screen from the coach statistics screen:

The history of the tasks looks like this:

If you continue to play the old campaign, the screen will start showing the task data only after starting a new season.

League position chart

THIS FEATURE has been added to all versions of the game, including the original FOOTBALL, TACTICS & GLORY

After each round in the league, the arrows in the table show how the team’s place has changed. But sometimes you want to see the dynamics of change in the position over a long period of time. To do this, we added to the game a chart with the change of position in the league:

This chart can be seen for any club in your country. Just go to the Tables screen and click on the arrow at the bottom right of the screen.

In addition, the graph is now also displayed in one of the tabs on the round result screen. Moreover, if you look at the chart of your team, we show in colour the areas that meet the expectations of the club’s management:

But that’s not all. Sometimes you want to compare the charts of the two clubs. For example, before a match with your opponent you want to see how your opponent has changed his position in the league. For this, you should open the “Head-to-Head” screen. There, you will see the “Tournament position” button that allows you to see the comparison of your league histories:

You can compare the charts of any two teams playing in the same league or in the same group of the continental tournament. To do this, you need to go to the match results screen, select any of these clubs, go to the “Head-to-Head” screen, and from there go to the comparison screen.

Country ranking chart

! THIS FEATURE has been added to all versions of the game, including the original FOOTBALL, TACTICS & GLORY !

You can now also see how the rankings of any country have changed over the years. Just access the Tables screen, go to Country view and the second tab.

In the already started campaigns, the rating will start to appear on the chart at the start of the new season.

The possibility to mark a footballer as one who is not for sale

Earlier, scouts of other clubs used to analyze your team and if they saw a suitable footballer they would offer you a good price. Often one or two footballers in a team were very good, so you received offers for these very players. If you were not going to sell them, then such letters could be annoying.

Now, you can click on the “Not for sale” button. In this case, the scouts will not pay attention to the player in the transfer window.

Redesigned country selection screen before starting a new campaign

Earlier you could still choose which countries to simulate completely and which to simulate in part. But for many players, it wasn’t obvious how to open this screen. Most players didn’t even know there was such an opportunity. Also, the interface itself was not always obvious.

That’s why we made country selection mandatory when creating a campaign. Also, we completely redesigned the interface.

Quality of life improvements

  • Now, if you hold down the Ctrl key and move the cursor over the wall when you take a free kick, you can see the overall DEF of the wall.
  • If your club has already played against another club, you can see the history of your encounters on the Head-to-Head screen. If you haven’t played against another club, this screen is empty. But it contains interesting information, even if the clubs did not play with each other. For example, you can see the difference in the level of footballers and the difference in the budgets of the clubs. Therefore we have added the possibility to display this information on the Head-to-Head screen even if the clubs have not met before.
  • At the bottom of the Head-to-Head screen, all matches between the two selected teams are displayed. Now, if you were the coach of one of the teams in any of these matches, the coach icon will be displayed next to that team. This allows you to distinguish the matches where you were a manager of the club and the matches when the team played without you.
  • If you signed a contract with a 34+ year old footballer, he will stay with the team until the contract expires. He could not be sold or kicked out. Now you can terminate his contract during the open transfer window.
  • Previously, when you wanted to buy a footballer, you couldn’t find his birthday. This information might be important because the age of the player affects many factors. So we added the date of birth to the footballer’s profile screen.
  • If you select a footballer on the Transfer screen, you see a Compare button which allows you to compare him with your team. This button was not available when you were looking for footballers directly in other clubs. Now, this button will appear when you select a footballer directly from another club.
  • Previously, the class filter was only in the foreign transfers list. Now we have added a similar filter on the Personal and Expanded lists.
  • The substitution button is located in the bottom left corner. When the celebration animation after scoring a goal was played, the button changed its position to the centre (for symmetry). However, when a player wanted to make a quick substitution, he would move the cursor down to the left, and click there. But at that moment, the animation might have already started, the button position had changed, and the click would cause the animation to skip. Now, during the animations, the substitution button will be in the same place as during the match. So now it will be easier for you to make substitutions after scoring a goal.
  • It is important to know whether the card is awarded in current the match or if it was given earlier. Because two yellow cards given in one match can lead to a booking. Therefore, on the replacement screen, the cards received earlier are now displayed translucently.
  • A button has been added to the bottom right side of the substitutions screen to open Footballpedia.
  • If there was a penalty in the match, then on the Results screen you could see that the goal was scored from the penalty spot, or that the goalkeeper caught the ball. But it was not shown that the shot was past the gate. We now display this information as well. You will also see who exactly missed.
  • On the Team Editor screen (in modifications) we added the possibility to see the name, logo and kits of the current club. When you edit a large number of clubs, this information allows you to better navigate which club you are currently working on.
  • When you edit the name and surname of the coach, you can now press Tab for the cursor to move to the next field.
  • If you play in windowed mode, the game now stores the position and size of the game window. This will allow you to set the window once and then not have to set it again each time you start the game.
  • When you open your transfer history from the Economics screen, you can see all the footballers you have sold or purchased. However, this screen lacked the possibility to click on any footballer and go to his profile. Now, we added this possibility.


  • Increased speed of skills acceleration on individual training.
  • The cost for which you can sell a footballer has been increased in the Fan Favourite specialization tree. It used to be +30% and +70% and now it is +60% and +130%.
  • Now, when the opposing clubs want to buy footballers from other continents, the footballers take into account the strength of the continent. For example, young footballers are unlikely to want to travel from a strong continent to a weaker one. On the other hand, the older the footballer, the greater the chance of him going to the weaker continent to finish his career.
  • Increased by 2.5 times the amount of Glory to be paid for free agents.
  • Previously, when generating AI clubs, the number of their fans depended on the position of these clubs. That is, the first club in Ukraine and the first club in Spain could have about the same number of fans. Now, this number depends on the strength of the club. As the strength of the teams in the country depends on the country’s ranking, top teams in the lower-ranking countries will have fewer fans compared to the top clubs in the top countries.
  • Now in Youth academies of 8-10 levels, there is a meagre probability of appearing the footballer who mastered two classes (earlier such possibility did not exist at all).
  • Now, when generating DM, there is a much better chance that the footballer will be inclined to develop the DEF attribute (previously, PAS had very high chances).

Other little improvements

  • An article about how the transition between classes works has been added to Footballpedia. First, it shows a scheme of what classes you can learn depending on the first special class the footballer learned. Secondly, there are details of some unobvious nuances in levelling classes.
  • Added a list of classes and abbreviations to the Footballpedia article “Abbreviation for classes”.
  • The AI ​​clubs in which you were a coach are trained to manage the team a little better.
  • In the past, scouts of AI clubs only paid attention to a few of your best footballers. Now they will consider also other footballers in your team who can fit AI clubs. But the markup on these footballers will not be so great.
  • When you drag footballers in the list on the management screens, the scrolling speed of the screen is increased.
  • If you had 10 Reputation, and in case of a bad mood of the management 15 Reputations would be taken away, earlier on a Mood screen we showed that 10 Rep will be taken away. Because all the same, you did not have any more. But now we show 15. Because some players thought it was a bug.
  • Long surnames were displayed wrongly on the screen which shows footballers entering and leaving the pitch. We changed the font for long nicknames.
  • Now, if you start a new campaign in Sandbox mode and build your own club (rather than choosing from the available ones), this club will take the last place. Previously, this club was placed in the middle of the Amateur League, which was not very good.
  • On Twitch integration, when a viewer wrote something in the chat room, the game showed 2 replays from fans at the stadium. You will now see 1 replica per chat post.


  • Added Cyprus.
  • Added Senegal.
  • Increased the number of Israeli surnames from 1500 to 4000.

Bug fixes

  • At some point, the sound of the ball hitting the net during a goal was lost. Found and returned the sound.
  • Sometimes after the match, the league table showed up/down arrows inappropriately. Fixed.
  • Under certain circumstances, more than 3 substitutions could have been made. Fixed.
  • If the AI ​​changed the formation after the first half, the game did not warn the player about such a change. Fixed.
  • Previously, if you took a screenshot by Steam (F12) in the windowed game mode, a screenshot was displayed on a small black background image. Now the screenshot will be exactly the same as the size of the window.
  • If the goalkeeper of a player’s team was in the top-3 players of the tournament, then at the end of the season he was shown in the usual, not goalkeeper form. Fixed.
  • The “Win any two trophies” task did not take into account the World Cup. Fixed.
  • The footballer’s profile showed information about how many years he spent at the club, although in fact, it showed how much he spent under my leadership. Therefore, this string was renamed “Under my management”.
  • Sometimes when buying a footballer directly from the club, his value was as if he had been found by a scout and sent to a personal list. Fixed.
  • Under certain circumstances, the footballer’s value did not change on transfers if his level increased. Fixed.
  • Sometimes, the value of a footballer in the Watch List didn’t match his price in the Transfer list. Fixed.
  • It could very rarely happen that a letter comes with an offer to sell a football player, but his value does not match the value in the footballer’s profile. Fixed.
  • If a cup match ended in shoot-out penalties, the penalty score was displayed in the upper left corner, not the match score. Fixed.
  • If a goalkeeper caught a penalty in the match, then in the post-match statistics the number of saves in the match wasn’t changed. Fixed.
  • In matches between AI clubs, when a goal was scored from the penalty, the footballer who made the last pass was recorded in the assist statistics. Fixed.
  • When simulating a match, substitution information was sometimes displayed later than it really happened. Fixed.
  • In matches between AI clubs, goalkeepers sometimes went out of the goal and made tackles. Now they will not do it.
  • At the end of the season, when you were offered a job, sometimes the information about the first club you watched remained on the screen, not allowing you to know the details of other clubs. Fixed.
  • There is no possibility to win a bronze cup in cup tournaments. But the trophy screen for cup tournaments showed zero number of bronze trophies, suggesting that they could somehow be obtained. We removed the bronze markers for the cup tournaments from the trophy screen.
  • As a coach, you have the opportunity to choose one of 2 or 3 footballers in the Youth Academy. But after such a choice, no letter came about how the attributes of the selected junior were influenced by the first youth coach. Now such a letter will come immediately after signing the contract.
  • If you use the gamepad to extend the contract with the footballer, then immediately after that the “A” button did not work. Fixed.
  • In the opening tutorial match, it could happen that the kits of the two clubs had the same colour. Fixed.
  • If you start a new campaign with certain settings and then quit to the main menu and start a new campaign, it was impossible to click on the footballers in the first tutorial match. Fixed.
  • When the club fired the coach, an unnecessary “i” button was displayed in the farewell letter. Removed.
  • On the “All Footballers” statistics screen, the colour of the footballer string now depends on his class, not on the position he currently stands on the pitch. That is, if MF stays in the attacking zone, it would be displayed in red in the list, although it should be displayed in yellow.
  • In some circumstances, an AI club could have more footballers on the team than allowed by game restrictions (32). Fixed.
  • AI coaches were still able to instantly speed up skills to their footballers for Glory, although the player no longer has this option. Now AI coaches accelerate the skills of footballers in the same way as the player does.
  • During the simulation, if your team received an injury or a card, the AI which controls your team ​​could reset the team settings, resulting in poor formations. Fixed. The AI ​​will now try to save the formation you set up.
  • The pre-match kit selection screen could display the wrong sponsor’s logo on the footballers. Fixed.
  • The sponsor’s logo was not displayed on foreign club kits. Fixed.
  • Under certain circumstances, on the team’s photo screen, the frame pointing to the footballer’s face did not appear on the face itself. Fixed.
  • In the profile of footballers, the victory in the Club World Cup was set only at the end of the season, and not immediately after the victory. Therefore, if the footballer left the club in the winter, it was not noted in his profile that he is the winner of the CWC. Similarly, those footballers who joined the club in the winter “received” this trophy. Fixed.
  • If you advance to the next round of a continental tournament, the wrong tournament name could be used on the income screen in the Fans block. Fixed.
  • If you go to the Individual training screen before the cup match, the cards earned in the league are displayed there. Fixed.
  • If you edit the face of a footballer who finished his career, he was in a T-shirt with the wrong texture and the flag of Ukraine. Fixed. Now he will be just in a white T-shirt.
  • In Footballpedia, the two icons were mixed. Fixed.
  • Sometimes, when developing footballers, AI teams managed to learn skills that were not suitable for them. Therefore, from time to time you could see defenders with the talents of a goalkeeper. Although this does not contradict the rules (it is possible to raise such a footballer), we have refined the AI ​​to reduce such situations.
  • Disabling countries in a single-player campaign affected the launch of the Hot seat tournament mode. Fixed.
  • If the Hot seat match ended in a draw, the game crashed. Fixed.
  • Some modifications were not available in Hot Seat mode. Fixed.
  • Africa was not available for Hot seat mode. Fixed.
  • With certain settings of Hot seat mode, the player was allowed to make substitutions in the opponent’s team, but it was not possible to make substitutions in his team. Fixed.
  • Fixed various crashes in the online game.
  • The game supports the ability to rename tournaments. In addition, you can rename words such as “continent” and “country”, which allows you to make, for example, a modification of the moon championship. Until recently, this renaming did not affect the club’s task texts, such as “Win a Continental Tournament”. Fixed.
  • Under certain circumstances, the achievement “Best Footballer of the Continent” did not work. Fixed.
  • In certain circumstances, the achievement “You were noticed” might not work. Fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect work of the achievement “Sweet Promises”. The achievement was awarded when, after a conversation with the management, the satisfaction level of the club president reached 130%. The same effect could be achieved when, after unsuccessful negotiations, the level of satisfaction fell, for example, from 156% to 136%. Fixed.

War in Ukraine

  • A new tab with some information about the war has been added to Footballpedia.
  • If Russian is selected for the game, anti-war banners will be displayed in the stadium.

We give a big part of the proceeds from the sale of our game to support our army. If you want and if you can help Ukraine, you can find ways how to do so on this page.

Advertising in matches

Our goal as a company is to develop the game Football, Tactics & Glory, constantly making it better and deeper. Unfortunately, revenue from game sales does not always cover even wages.

So we decided to add advertising to the game. But not the one that is distracting, but rather the one that makes the atmosphere of the real world more authentic. To do this, in the already existing advertising banners, which already were in the game, we also occasionally show the banners of real companies.

We also made the banners change animatedly, as in real life.

You can turn off advertising at any time. But we hope you’ll keep your ads running.

It would also help us a lot if you allowed the game to get information about the city in which you live. Advertisers pay more if they can be sure that the ad has been shown in a particular country. To enable this option, check the box next to “Allow sharing personal data”. This data is deleted as soon as the advertising system verifies that the ad has been shown in a certain region.


It is not necessary to start a new campaign. The new mechanics will start working either immediately after the update or in the new season.

As always, we made this addition, hoping that you will continue to play and enjoy Football, Tactics & Glory.

If you didn’t write the review yet, please, write one for the base game or/and the last DLC. If you wrote a negative review to MJ because of a lack of optimisation, please, consider changing the review.

Have fun!

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