Apr 14, 2017 | 0 comments

Hi, all! Here’s how the development is going:

1. We finally implemented the long-awaited feature! The screen where you can see both your and opponent’s teams. We wanted it to show enough information for your tactical preparations. As a result, the screen shows not only pitch with the footballers’ positions, but also the list of the attributes, skills and classes.

Also, on hovering the shirts, the small hint appears which shows the main information about this footballer.

2. All this time we have been testing the new classes system. There is a screen which shows the classes your footballers learned in the matches:

Both screens are still in the prototyping stage – many things might change.

3. In one of the recent news, I wrote about skills upgrading system. All this time we have been testing it. And it appeared that the new system is not fun and deep enough.

So we decided to significantly improve it. Now we are working on the new more elaborate system. It will be something great.

We really want to tell you about other not very big but important improvements which we are doing at the same time with prototyping the system of the classes. But I will tell about them only when they are implemented 😉