Face Editor

Sep 15, 2016 | 0 comments

Face Editor image

When adding new features to Football Tactics, we always think about the possibility to customize the changes in one way or another, and how to give modders and players the possibility to edit the game so it feels more personal to the players.

Therefore, we have been working on our unique face engine at the same time with working on creating user-friendly Face Editor. It means you won’t be limited by the generator which automatically creates the faces for your and other teams.

If you wish to create a team of your friends or any relatives you can edit the faces of every player in your team.

Unlike the existing editors in other games, our editor does not depend on how many types of noses and eye shapes we added to the presets. We give the freedom of editing every tiny element of the eyes, noses, mouth etc.

If the modders wish to make the players look similar to real footballers, they will be able to do it with over 100 face elements!

The upcoming Update #9 is scheduled to be released early October. But we are going to give the possibility play beta-version earlier to the modders who want to update their current mods.