Football, Tactics & Glory: World has been announced!

Jun 30, 2023 | 0 comments

While working on the new DLC, we realised that our new plans are so big that they go beyond the DLC format. 

Firstly, we don’t have enough capabilities of the current UI engine to develop the game further. Secondly, the new mechanics change the feel of the game quite a bit, making it more ambitious.

Therefore, we decided to release a new game Football, Tactics & Glory: World (game page).

How is this game different from Football, Tactics & Glory?

First of all, the game is based on Football Stars + Manager’s Journey. The game will have everything that was in these DLCs + new large-scale mechanics.

Main Feature

I want to remind you why I decided to create FTG. While playing various football management games, I realised that I didn’t like a lot of things about them. Gradually, I was building a picture in my head of a football management game I would love to play. FTG is the realisation of these ideas.

And while I am happy to play FTG with all its DLC, there is one thing I dreamed of but was unable to implement – a variety of football cultures in the game. 

I wanted to have a completely different style of football when playing in Brazil compared to playing in Germany. I wanted to consider the cultural background of a footballer when buying them in transfers. So, a centre-back from Ukraine would have different playing nuances than a centre-back from Turkey. I wanted to see a clash of different playing cultures when watching a match between the English and Spanish national teams.

In today’s interconnected world, the cultural differences in playing styles between countries aren’t as significant. However, we still notice that some countries have an athletic, powerful style of football, while others focus on technical skills, some prioritize defence, and others prioritize attack.

Therefore, the key feature of the game is the unique characteristics of each country, ie Different football cultures.

In the base game, we will assign specific characteristics to each country ourselves. But we will also provide the ability to reassign these characteristics in modifications. So you can experiment and create your own unique football world.

Screenshot from dev build: Qualifying stage of World Championship in Europe. The first team from the group directly qualifies for the Final stage. Several best teams that finished 2nd in the group will get qualified as well. FTG:W will conveniently show the ranking of best second teams so you will easily understand if your team qualifies.

National teams

The game will introduce a significant set of mechanics related to national teams:

  • Footballers now have nationality
  • Every four years, the World Championship takes place. Each continent has its own qualifying stage, followed by the final stage with the best teams.
  • Similarly, every four years, each continent holds its own continental championship. Depending on the number of countries on the continent, there may only be a final stage or both a qualifying and final stage.
  • A few days before national team matches, coaches invite the best players from their country to the national team camp. This means that if you manage a top club, you may temporarily lose some of your players. However, this will earn you Glory.
  • You can watch matches of any national team.
  • All the statistics collected for clubs will also be collected for national teams.
  • A footballer’s career will reflect his participation in the national team

Screenshot from dev build: Screen of Spanish national team. Little logo icons on the footballers show what clubs they are from. Looks like Barcelona FC is the main contributor of footballers to the national team.

You are the coach of the national team

By gaining a certain amount of Reputation, you will start receiving invitations to manage national teams. The higher your Reputation, the stronger national teams will send you invitations.

Managing the national team will happen concurrently with club management. You can select the best players from your country, prepare tactics for matches, and participate in the continental championship and World Championship.

    Screenshot from dev build: Screen of coach editor.

    Manager’s portrayal

    Now you will have your virtual avatar. You can customize not only the face but also the clothing, with separate options for good and bad weather.

    Reactions of the coach to scored and conceded goals will be shown in matches.

    Screenshot from dev build: as you can see from the screenshot – it is cheaper to send the footballer to a higher league club, but he will barely have any chance to play.

    New transfer mechanics

    • You will now be able to loan out young footballers to lower-league clubs. However, you will need to spend Glory to arrange the loan.
    • AI clubs from the higher leagues will offer you footballers on loan. To hire a player, you will need to spend a small amount of Glory. But for each appearance of this player on the field, you will receive bonus Glory.
    • AI clubs will also loan out footballers to other AI clubs.
    • The automatic player search screen – you no longer have to manually search for footballers by switching between clubs. On the new screen, you set the search criteria, and it shows you all the known footballers who meet the desired criteria.

    Other new features

    There will be other new features and improvements that we are not ready to announce yet.

    When will the game be released?

    We plan to release the game in March-June 2024 (unless we have to change our plans due to the war). 

    We haven’t decided yet whether to release the game in Early Access a few months before the full release or not.

    Starting from late 2023/early 2024, we plan to provide free access to the game for modders who want to create modifications for the new game.

    How much will the game cost?

    The planned price in Europe is 35€.

    If you have purchased the original game and both DLCs, you will be able to buy the game at a lower price.

    We will create a special bundle that includes both DLCs and the new game. Its price will be slightly lower than the total sum of all the products in it. 

    And since you already have all the DLCs, the cost of Football, Tactics & Glory: World will be lower for you.

    How do I follow the progress of the game?

    First and foremost, visit the game’s page and add it to your wishlist. This way, you will receive an email from Steam when the game goes into Early Access or Full Release.

    Secondly, click “Follow” to be notified whenever we publish news on Steam.

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