Help Ukraine!

Mar 1, 2022 | 1 comment

Russia has invaded Ukraine from the North, East and South. Missiles hit cities. Homes, hospitals, schools get destroyed. Many civilians die.

It’s a war on humanity.

Part of our team leave in Kyiv and Kharkiv  – these are the cities that are shelled by Russians every day. Another part of the team who lives in the safer cities volunteer and try to help our country. Also, whenever we can, we donate our money to help our army.

Therefore, we pause the updates of Football, Tactics & Glory. Also, we will rarely (if at all) answer questions on Steam forums and other social media. 

Here’s how you can help Ukraine:


But also, go to your leaders and ask them to support Ukraine however they can. Tag them on social media so they know people support them for such actions.

If you can help Ukrainian refugees, do this, please.