Improved match mechanics, smarter AI, new animations

Dec 9, 2016 | 4 comments

When developing the huge update #10, we are creating new tactical elements and improving the current ones. Before Christmas holidays, we have decided to upload for you the improvements of the current match mechanics.

New Features

  • When a footballer is under Pressing he won’t be able to move
  • Now Pressing not only decreases the footballer’s attributes but also decreases the skills potential. For example, you press an opponent with two footballers, his potential of performing Rainbow Feint is decreased from 10 to 8.
  • Now midfielders without a ball can run throughout the opponent’s square. It allows creating the new tactical situation. Also, it allows getting to the ball “blocked” by the footballers’ wall.
  • The option “Penalty for the other position” increased from 30 to 50%
  • The amount of the footballers renewed on the transfer list is slightly decreased

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI learned how to use Pressing
  • AI learned how to use Rainbow Feint on one square
  • Now AI learned how to use Sliding Tackle in some problematic situations

New Animations

In some places, we used very simplified animations. Now we changed them to more beautiful. Also, the new animations play faster than the old ones.

  • Added animations for the tired footballers. Now you will easily see who is tired.
  • Earlier, when a footballer had to run on two squares, he ran two times on one square. Now we added the animation of moving on two squares without a pause.
  • Added the animations of intercepting the ball after Power Shot
  • Added the animations of intercepting the ball after Precision Shot
  • Earlier, if a footballer is turned back to his teammate, he played the animation of turning around, and then Pass or Lofted Pass. Now we added the animations of Pass and Lofted Pass which play directly from back