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Nov 9, 2021 | 0 comments

The expansion Manager’s Journey for Football, Tactics & Glory will be available on November 11. In this post, I will write about all its changes, improvements and new mechanics.



We have added a whole layer of new mechanics to help you write your own story as a manager. Clubs from different countries will send you job offers and give you objectives depending on their ambitions and positions in tournaments, while you earn reputation for completing tasks and the club management reacts to your successes. You will look at the game from a completely different angle and every new campaign will create a unique story just for you.



This is another big set of mechanics to give you a sense of how your coaching experience grows.

You will earn experience depending on the tournament you are playing in and on the match result. Upon reaching each new even level, you can choose one of three random abilities. Once you reach an uneven level, you can choose Money or Glory.

The coach abilities can be improved, which will either enhance the effect of the ability or increase the number of uses of the ability in the season.

The abilities can be divided into the following groups (each group has several different abilities):

  • Match Day Speech – an opportunity to influence the footballers before the match. Depending on what you tell them, they will either start the match motivated or be less effective but they will also spend less energy.
  • Individual Training – abilities aimed at fast-tracking the learning of skills, gaining additional specialization points and recovering stamina.
  • Youth Work – an opportunity to set the priorities of the Youth Academy. This will allow you to get the footballer of your desired class.
  • Other – you can ask the management for money, give moral support to an injured footballer, increase the effectiveness of scouts, etc.



  • Added continent Africa with 11 countries (Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Zambia, DR Congo, Ghana, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa).
  • Added 6 new countries on other continents (Israel, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia, Iran, Bolivia).
  • Previously, only your country was simulated on your continent. And in other countries, only the Premier League was simulated. Now all countries with all leagues will be simulated on your continent.
  • Previously, countries on other continents were not simulated. Now the Premier leagues of countries on other continents will be simulated.
  • The algorithm for the simulation of the game world has been significantly accelerated. This allowed the simulation to take a little longer than it used to, but it simulates many times more matches and interactions between teams around the world.
  • Before starting the campaign, you can disable the countries from which you can receive job offers. This will disable the simulation of the lower leagues in those countries. This, in turn, will reduce the waiting time for the simulation.
  • The concept ‘The level of football on the continent’ has been introduced. The higher the level of football on the continent, the more gifted footballers are received by clubs from youth academies. Also, the level of a football affects the strength of the clubs on the continent. Before starting the campaign, you can specify a different strength for each continent.
  • You will be able to buy footballers from other continents, but for this, you will have to send scouts there. A footballer’s value in Glory depends on whether his continent is stronger than yours or weaker. This reflects the difficulty of negotiations to relocate a footballer to a continent where football is less developed.
  • At the bottom of the Tables screen, you can switch continents to see how matches are played in countries on other continents.
  • On other continents, you can view the Premier League of each country, as well as the current draw of the continental tournaments on that continent.



  • Once a year, the best clubs from every continent will fight among themselves for the right to be called the strongest club in the world.
  • The participants are the winners of the main continental tournament on each continent.


  • Now, by default, in all cup tournaments with home and away matches, if the score is equal, a penalty shootout will be triggered. Previously, the away goal rule was used.
  • In the modifications, you can set which rule you want to use: penalty shootout or away goals rule.
  • Previously, if several teams had the same number of points in the league, a small number of rules were used to determine the teams’ places (goal difference, number of goals scored, etc). But in some rare cases, this was not enough. We have significantly expanded the number of rules used.
  • Added a screen with information about the rules used in the league and cups to determine the winner in controversial cases. To get to this screen, go to the Tables screen, select the desired tournament, at the bottom of the screen use the arrows to switch to the desired screen.



  • Added 10 new music tracks.
  • Added 15 new hairstyles.
  • Added 11 new types of facial hair (moustache, beard, sideburns). They also have ‘unshaven’ textures added.
  • Added 7 new eyebrows.
  • Added 11 new logo shields.
  • Added 15 new pictures for logotypes (additionally added empty ‘picture’, which allows leaving the shield without a picture at all).



  • Reworked starting the campaign with the Sandbox option. Now, at the very beginning of the campaign, the game gives you a choice: play in the sandbox or use the classic rules.
  • When creating a campaign in the Sandbox, additional settings will be available that affect the balance, but allow you to better customize the game to suit your play style. Let me remind you that achievements are disabled in the Sandbox.
  • When creating a classic campaign, all additional settings that affect the balance and disable achievements are hidden. Same for modifications – you won’t see the modifications there that disable achievements.
  • Interfaces for selecting modifications have been redesigned. Mods are now selected at the very beginning of campaign creation. It allows you to better customise your game world.



  • Reduced the effect of Precision Shot by 5%.
  • Now Precision Shot uses 1 more energy.
  • All tabs related to club statistics have now been moved to one screen, from where it is convenient to launch the desired type of statistics.
  • Added information about the coach from the last played campaign in the main menu.
  • Added 20 achievements.
  • Now, inside one modification, you can rename tournaments in other countries. If this modification matches the coach’s nationality, then the names of tournaments in other countries will be taken from it.
  • Also, when renaming tournaments in a modification, you can switch continents to rename tournaments around the world.
  • The screen for renaming tournaments before the start of the campaign has been slightly redesigned to make it clearer how the names of the tournaments will be changed.
  • Added the item ‘The highest number of points scored by the team that got promoted from the 3rd place’ to the statistics of all the leagues (except Premier league).
  • Added a column with points on the Achievements – Clubs league global statistics screen.
  • Added the ability to enable or disable the away goal rule in the multiplayer and hot seat tournaments.
  • The process of selecting modifications in hot seat tournaments has been reworked. They are now selected before you start choosing a team. This will reduce confusion.
  • Added the ability to select a continent from which clubs are automatically selected in hot seat tournaments.
  • Minor bugs, some crashes in hot seat tournaments and typos have been fixed.


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