Micro-Update: Face Engine and new musical track

Dec 24, 2016 | 0 comments


Congratulations on the New Year’s holidays! Take this update as a little gift from us 😉

The update adds new haircuts and wrinkles.

Also one of our players, Václav Vedral – a gifted composer from the Czech Republic wrote a musical track for Football Tactics. It is hard and at the same moment – melodic. It adds energy, movement, tells about your current and future wins. We hope you will like it 😉

There are also other important improvements. Pay attention to the order of available actions – it is changed. Also, now you will be able to have 7 substitutes instead of 5.



– 9 new haircuts
– 1 new short cut
– 5 new types of wrinkles (+ improved the current ones)
– 2 new beard types
– 4 new stubble types

Football Tactics screenshot


– Changed the order of available actions. Now the skills will go in the first place. It will allow you to choose the most needed actions faster. Also, the Dribble will be always the last one. It will help you near the opponent’s goal, when you could mistakenly choose the Dribble instead of goal kicks.
– Now there are 7 subs instead of 5.
– At the start of a new campaign, there will be a 34-years old midfielder with the skill Layoff Pass of 3rd level. It will allow the new players to understand how the skills work.
– AI learned how to use the holes in your defence to make the kicks closer to your goal.



– New musical track from Václav Vedral
– Improved the kick-off animations



– Fixed the doubled sound when footballers were performing the passes from the back


Our team wishes you Happy Holidays!