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Based in Kyiv, Ukraine


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11 November, 2021

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Football, Tactics & Glory


Table of Content

  1. Description
  2. Features
  3. About Creoteam
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The turn-based football strategy makes a pivot, and now, additionally to managing only one club, the players can be hired and fired, go to other clubs, earn reputation, get job offers from more prestigious club, and eventually win the Club World Cup.

The name Manager’s Journey represents what happens in the new expansion. You will start the game as an unknown manager who gets few job offers from unknown clubs. It will be the start of your journey of climbing to the height of the world football.

Sometimes, you might fail the club’s objective, and they will fire you. Sometimes, you overperform the objective, and earn bonus reputation. At some point, you will get an offer from the top club. It’s great to achieve so much but you will have to prove that they weren’t mistaken by choosing you as their manager.

On the journey, the player’s alter ego can earn experience, and learn new coaching abilities that will give him even more strategical options.

Additionally, the game world has became even more alive. Now, the game simulates all the countries on all continents. The developers added 17 new countries, including 11 African ones.

The top clubs from different continents can meet in a new Club World Cup. As a manager, the player can try to win it himself by beating the top clubs that represent their continents.

All new options are allowed to edit before the start of a campaign. So you can play in your own way. For example, you can start as a manager with high reputation so all top clubs want to hire you. 

The expansion can be run only if you have the base game and Football Stars DLC. Therefore, all the previous mechanics of FTG will combine with the new ones, creating a great experience of managing the football club without spreadsheets and excessive details.



  • New big set of mechanics: Manager’s career.
  • New big set of mechanics: Manager levelling.
  • Added Africa (11 countries) + 6 other countries.
  • Improved world simulation (faster algorithms, simulation of the whole world)
  • Different level of football on each continent
  • New tournament: Club World Cup
  • Many more improvements for you to discover…

Full list of improvements.


About Creoteam

Creoteam is a game studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We like to arouse emotions. Triumph, sorrow, joy, compassion, excitement, surprise, pride, hope. We believe, that feeling emotions makes our lives more interesting. More information about Creoteam, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Core Team

Anton Shekhovtsov Technical Director

Sergey Savyak Lead Animator

Andrey Kostyushko Game Designer, Director




You can download art assets and logotypes in one zip-archive (~4 Mb).

Also, you can download screenshots in available languages in the zip-archive (~121 Mb). Languages available: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese-Brazil, Ukrainian, Russian, Simplified Chinese.

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