Beta-version of the Autumn Update

Oct 12, 2018 | 0 comments

In the previous news, I have told that we are going to add the possibilities to make the modifications more unique.

Today, we open the Beta access to all who want to see these possibilities. Also, there are other improvements which you might like.



Click on Football Tactics in your Steam library with the right mouse button. Select “Properties”. In the appeared window open the last tab and select “beta 11”.


– Many new possibilities in the Leagues Editor;
– Improved 60 and 90 actions modes;
– Added 3 new countries. Updates the clubs from the most famous European leagues + USA.


  • Updated the design of all the screens of the Leagues Editor. Now, it looks much nicer.
  • Now, you can change the flag of the country. It will allow you to create new countries or regions.
  • Now, you can upload the text file with the list of the names. It will allow you to make your country more unique. You won’t depend on the names which already exist. You can add more.
  • Now, you can edit the clubs’ abbreviations which are shown into the matches. Moreover, you can change them not only on the Leagues Editor but also in the already started campaigns.
  • Now, you can change the footballer’s day and month of the birth in the Team Editor.
  • Now, you can rotate the face of the footballers in the Team Editor without opening the Faces Editor.
  • Now, if your modification contains changed flags, it will be tagged “Flag” in the Steam Workshop. If you uploaded the new names, it will be tagged “Names”. It will allow an easier search for such modifications.
  • Fixed the problem which appeared when you subscribed to 50+ modifications.
  • The Faces Generator learned to generate eyes within the wider range of settings. As a result, there will be a bit more diverse faces.


  • Added the messages when there is not enough Money/Glory for a purchase/contracts etc.
  • Added the possibility to see the energy and change a class on the following screens: Contracts, Training, Specialization, Specialization in the subs.
  • Now, if a cup match ended with the series of penalty, we show the penalties results on all the screens where you can see the match results (earlier, you could see only the match results).
  • Now, when you switch the tabs in the Management screen, the list of footballers tries to keep its position (earlier, it automatically scrolled to the top).
  • Added the possibility to change the class before starting the Online/Hot seat match.
  • In the Specialization screen after the match, there wasn’t a possibility to scroll with up/down keyboard buttons. Added.


  • Now, in the 60/90 actions modes, other clubs play the matches with the higher number of actions as well. As a result, the match results will be less realistic, however, there will be more competition in the top-10 lists. Now, your club will earn the full amount of Glory for having the footballers in these lists (removed the penalty which has been added in the previous updates).
  • Increased the probability of appearing the universal classes from the Youth Academies (in your team and in the AI teams).
  • Now, if you purchased a footballer, you won’t be able to sell him in the same transfer window.
  • Now, the cup finals happen in the neutral stadiums. The clubs earn the half of the ticket sells.
  • Now, at the start of a campaign, players get younger footballers.


  • Added new countries: Peru, Colombia, Paraguay.
  • Updated the teams in the following countries: Germany, England, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, USA.
  • Added many new names to the Slovenian names.


  • Enabled the sounds of kicking the ball in the Main menu (where the footballers are passing the ball to each other).
  • One of the musical tracks has being stopped in the middle. Fixed.
  • Fixed minor AI bugs in the matches.
  • Fixed the problem with saving the changes of the names/attributes of other clubs in the already started campaigns. Earlier, if you renamed the club and left the game, it might not save.
  • If a player opened Select a Sponsor–>Tables–>Team–>Kit Editor, the game crashed. Fixed.


The current beta version of the Autumn update is almost final. The only thing it lacks is translation to all supporting languages.

However, there is one feature we really want to add. It’s a possibility to change the names of the leagues. For example, you could change the name from “Premier league” to “Serie A” or “Galactic league” 🙂

The problem is that the names of the tournaments are “baked” into mails, messages and interfaces. Moreover, the names are used in different cases which is almost no problem for English but very problematic for other languages. Therefore, currently, we are trying to figure out how we can solve the problem.

Currently, we think that it’s fine to give to the players to change the leagues’ names in different cases. For example:
– Galactic league
– [in] Galactic league
– [from] Galactic league

We didn’t decide if this feature will be done. Therefore, if you love to change the leagues by your tastes, write, please, if you ‘d like to have this possibility.



If you have a feedback, comments or problems regarding the Beta, if you like or dislike something you can write about it in the forum: https://steamcommunity.com/app/375530/discussions/

Also, you can discuss the Beta in our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/JeFSG4s

If you create a unique modification with the new features, don’t hesitate to write about it. If there will be 3-4 such modifications, I’ll mention them in our news.

And finally, the traditional question: what do you like the most from the new features/improvements?