Open Beta 11 (for those who own the game)

Dec 31, 2017 | 0 comments

I love to celebrate the New Year with my family. And when everyone falls asleep on New Year’s Eve, I play some exciting game. There is something special, personal in such playing.

At some time. when I tested a working version of the next update, I understood that exploring the new features of Football Tactics on New Year’s Eve might bring such deep special experience. Assuming, many of you will have free holidays – you will have even more time to explore how new simulation of the game world works.

So, we open the access to the beta version of the update 11 and wish you a happy New Year!



  • Now all the teams earn money and pay for prolongation of the contracts.
  • After starting a new campaign, new footballers can appear in the game world only from Youth Academies.
  • Your scouts negotiate with the clubs far ahead, so on the transfers, you will have a prepared list of the footballers you can buy instantly without further negotiations. These footballers cost less, and you will not spend fame to buy them.
  • You will be able to pay your scouts for getting the transfer list for any league. The footballers from the global list will cost more. You will also have to pay fame to purchase them.
  • You can sort any transfer lists by any criteria
  • Other clubs also search for the footballers which they need. If a club finds such footballer and there is enough money, it starts “negotiations” with the club of this footballer. You will see what clubs are negotiation with which footballers. If the clubs are agreed on the purchase, the footballer will be bought in the next week.
  • Footballers who are marked “under negotiations” temporarily cost a bit more.
  • In the second half of the transfer window, some clubs might lower the price on their footballers. You will see which footballers are discounted.
  • After the closing the transfer window, you will get the list of the top transfers of your league and top-10 transfers of Premier league.
  • When you sell a footballer he doesn’t disappear. He moves to the club which has enough funds and who would like to buy this footballer.

Such improvements have the price 🙁 When you press “Next”, the clubs start “negotiating” and purchasing the footballers. In these moments, the game will freeze a bit. In a future, we will add an animated indicator.

Now, you will see the list of the top 10 transfers after closing each transfer window.



  • Added realistic shadows on the faces. Now, the faces look much more realistic and volumetrically. It made the hairs to look wrong. We will fix it by the final release of the Update 11.
  • Now, the probability of the fouls is proportional to the match length.



More statistics. Now, when the footballers don’t come from nowhere and don’t move to nowhere, it’s really important to see the footballers’ history. Also, the new changes make us, players, more interested in seeing the history of other football clubs. So, these features will come later.



Click on Football Tactics in your Steam library with the right mouse button. Select “Properties”. In the appeared window open the last tab and select “beta 11”.




If you have a feedback, comments or problems regarding the Beta, if like or dislike something you can write in the special thread on the forum: https://steamcommunity.com/app/375530/discussions/0/1621724915807346384/

Also, you can discuss the Beta in our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/JeFSG4s

Even though the beta is not polished enough (it’s the Beta, after all, right?), it’s allowed to record youtube videos and make streams. For us, it’s not only the possibility to gather new players, it’s also the possibility to improve the game. We can watch how do you play, what problems do you have, what is understandable, what is not, etc.

So even if you are not a professional youtuber/streamer, we anyway will be glad to watch your videos about Football Tactics.



We, Creoteam, worked very hard to prepare very polished and interesting Beta-version by the New Year. And we really hope you will love it, and you will have a great experience.

Happy New Year!!!