Post Launch Micro-Updates

Jun 13, 2018 | 3 comments

After leaving Early Access, we read the forums, your emails, and reviews. It was great to know that many of you were surprised by how our game is great. Thanks to everyone who shared positive emotions, thanked for the game, helped to the new players on the forums/discord, wrote positive reviews, streamed and recorded the game. We really appreciate your help!

As there were many new players, it appeared that in some situations our game crashes or works not as expected. Therefore at the same moment with adding the new graphics to the game we started fixing bugs and helping players with their campaigns.

As a result, we updated the game quite quickly, and I didn’t have time to write the patch notes. Today, I’ll write about all improvements we did for the game from June 1st.

List of the improvements


  • Added the possibility to learn skills from the Profile and Career screens.
  • Added Home/Away icons on the Opponent screen
  • At the last day of the transfers, we show a big button which recalls you about prolonging the contracts
  • Added the possibility to change the kit before a match
  • Now, the Training tab shows the number of players who can learn the skills
  • Now, the Transfers button shows the number of the new players in the lists


  • Start of the match
  • Simulation
  • Player’s Profile
  • Player’s Career
  • Match results
  • Club’s Upgrades


  • AI teams could buy the footballers from the global list earlier than the player. Fixed
  • Fixed the sorting of the transfers list by the class
  • Fixed the wrong coloring the substituted players
  • Now, the substitutions screen doesn’t show the opponent’s second squad
  • Footballers from AI teams could select the wrong upgrades in the Fan Favorite tree. Fixed
  • The logotypes of your and opponent’s teams weren’t shown after the matches. Fixed
  • Fixed many memory leaks and crashes.


  • Earlier, kick off rule took to account the footballer’s class. It wasn’t intended. Fixed
  • Nutmeg skill didn’t give the specialization xp for the participating footballers. Fixed
  • Wing defender got a bonus to his pass if performing the cross from the wrong wing. Fixed
  • CM ran on 2 tiles outside of his zone. DM got an intercepting bonus outside of his zone. CF got a Heading bonus outside of his zone. Fixed
  • When CF automatically moved ahead he always chose the same direction. Now, the direction is random.

Wish you to have fun with the game!